Post 4-Norfolk Tides Tide Promo

Like most Americans, I am a huge baseball fan. I have been going to Yankee games ever since I was 5 years old and I still love the sport just as much to this day. Major league sports have great sponsorships and connections within the professional circuit. Teams use these brands to help promote advertising of their products to the fans AKA the consumers in this industry. Since we are in Virginia, I thought it would be interesting to have a Tide promotion day with the Baltimore Orioles “triple A” farm team, The Norfolk Tides. The general idea would be to have Tide incorporated with The Boys and Girls Club of America and the Norfolk Tides team in order to help out families in lower income areas with their daily laundry. This is a perfect idea for the Norfolk Tides because the name sounds to good to be true.

Tide and the Norfolk Tides can make this happen in real life and actually have some impact on the community. I created a real life ticket stub that promotes both Tide and the Norfolk Tides. The Norfolk Tides “Tide Boys and Girls Club of America Promotion”. For every ticket sold during the 2013 Norfolk Tides season, a box of Tide laundry detergent will be donated to the Virginia chapter of the Boys and Girls Club of America. If you look closely on the back of ticket stubs there are always some sort of advertising whether it be big, small, a name and phone number, etc. I used the logo for Tide, the Norfolk Tides, and a coupon as well for a $1.00 off purchase of any products they carry as well.
This looks pretty identical to a regular Norfolk Tide baseball ticket, I used a thin black sharpie and colored pencils for the Tide logo, etc…

IMG_0878 Front Side

IMG_0718 Back Side


Post 3-Tide for a Good Cause

I wanted to do something a little bit different and geared towards a topic that we are always hearing about now a days, cancer. Every time I change the news or read an article I feel like somebody has been diagnosed with some type of cancer, and thats the truth. I always see and hear about breast cancer survivors and treatments that have been successful and terminated cancer. This is due to the MASSIVE amounts of money being donated to organizations such as the Susan G Komen breast cancer funds, etc. You see the pink ribbons practically on everything and it truly has an impact of the people who are dealing with these terrible diseases. The sad and scary fact is that breast cancer is not going to be at the top of the list for cancer in this country anymore, in fact stomach cancers such as  colon, liver, and pancreatic will be the leading the lists. The only reason I know this and can speak about it is because I just recently lost my father to pancreatic cancer this year. My dad was one of the nicest people anyone I have ever met, and most definitely one of the smartest people that I knew. He was a truly unbelievable person, he graduated Optometry school from the University of Pennsylvania and did nothing but serve his patients for nearly 40 plus years. He was dedicated and was the only person I knew who looked out for others before he even worried about himself. We had the best doctors in the world at Johns Hopkins University and VCU Massey Cancer Center, but they do not have nearly enough money nor the resources it takes to fight this bullshit disease.

Everybody knows that pink is the color that supports breast cancer, that really  is common knowledge to most people. I can guarantee most people don’t even have a clue that purple is the color for pancreatic cancer awareness nor that it takes place in the month of November. Some major companies have dedicated profits that they make for say a months time directly to different organizations supporting a good cause like research for various diseases. For instance Susan G Komen has a multitude of corporate sponsors working along side to help raise awareness and money for research. So I wanted to recreate the original Tide logo for all of the products in purple and have Tide written in blue only to show support for this cause. I bet if Tide and not only Tide but major companies with massive amounts of money contributed and did things like this there would be greater funds and research money to help put a stop to this awful disease. Not only did this disease affect major celebs like Steve Jobs and Patrick Swayze but if affected people like my dad who were not able to beat this battle. Just like I mentioned how my dad helped people throughout his life; well Tide does the same type of thing throughout the community, helping people in small and meaningful ways day in and day out. Its not about the product it is all about the idea and thought behind it, just remember that!

Here is the design..I based this off of the bracelet that I have that is similar to a “Livestrong” type of bracelet except this is Purple, in honor of Pancreatic Cancer.



Post 2-Tide Dartboard

So I was looking at various Tide products and could not help but concentrate on the logo for the brand. Arrays of yellow, orange, and blue concentric circles with the brand name “Tide” written in the center. Over the weekend a few of my friends and myself went to go have a few drinks up at the Capital Ale House in Midlothian. While sitting at the bar, I could not help but realize the dartboards that were only a few feet away from where we were sitting at.

I thought to myself hmmm, that dartboard sure does have similarities to the Tide logo, and so the next day I created a Tide dartboard and incorporated the slogan, “Always On Point, So It Must Be Tide”. Always on point referring to the tip of the arrow and also the effectiveness of the Tide product. I made the Tide logo a dartboard which was centered around two concentric circles that describe what my washing machine looks like since doing the laundry and Tide tie in together. I am by no means an artist and so this took me a while to do. Here you go…

IMG_0715   IMG_0717
IMG_0723     IMG_0786
and here is the washer to show what I meant regarding the design on the dartboard…

Post 1-Roll TIDE Roll!

I decided to contact a few of my former high school friends who attend the University of Alabama. My one friend Kristen is a die hard football fan and is constantly telling me how they just got a new five star recruit and how they will keep winning national championships. She said that football is so serious that when there are major events or big upcoming games, the school practically shuts down. THESE FANS ARE DIE HARDS…and 90% are probably alcoholics or super bros. LOL. She went into detail saying that nobody really cares about any other sport besides football and that fans go all out when they have home games (meaning they are hammered beyond all). She said, Marc, you should make your own design of  a “Tide” themed “Roll Tide” hat that the dedicated fans would were at the games. So I took that idea and created my own Alabama “Roll TIDE Roll” hat with some toilet paper rolls, and a small box of Tide washing detergent.
Here is a picture of some fans supporting the team with their version of “Roll Tide”…..
RollTide boxes

Now here is my version: NOTE-  Due to the fact that Alabama literally shits on nearly every opponent that they face, these toilet paper rolls are empty for a very good reason. After playing Alabama teams are more than likely smothered in grass, blood, and sweat stains, so now you may have a better understanding of how the brand Tide is a remedy and fits into this post!

IMG_0725      IMG_0727

IMG_0728    IMG_0734

IMG_0735 IMG_0750