Post 34-Compulsion: Nuke em’ Gangnam Style

compulsion > tempting > urge > dictator > psycho > filthy attitude > dirty ideas

After the United States had recently heard about the threats from North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un, I have been hearing a multitude of things mentioned about North Korea and what will be ensuing in the near future. All of the media and commentary lead me to think about ideas related to this subject. I have heard people make up hilarious jokes and have seen many different jokes on blog sites relating to Kim Jung Un and his attitude towards the rest of the country. He is truly compelled to deal with the United States in threatening ways such the use of nuclear weapons. He has this compulsion to threaten his own country and treat them like absolute trash and he thinks he can do the same with the United States, but little Kim Jung Un doesn’t realize we would wipe him off of the planet faster than Tide will ever remove a stain from your clothing! His ways definitely have something to do with compulsions, but it also could be the fact that he has a very tiny dick and takes this out on the rest of the world, idk??

All jokes aside, I wanted  to make an extended type of  “meme” between myself and  Kim Jung Un. I show him acting in a angry manner, saying that he will nuke everything. Then I confront him with Tide and say how he is becoming a dirty dictator and needs to clean up his filthy attitude. In the next picture he looks at me all confused and what not. I proceed to give him the bottle and smile and say, “Now how is that Kim?” And the final picture of the meme is a picture of PSY smiling saying, “all better”. The slogan is, “Tide takes the “cho” out of Psycho since 1946.” This should make perfect sense haha!

heres our scene dialouge: it’s okay to laugh now


Post 33-Compulsion: Tide Hoarding Disorder

Compulsion: the act of compelling; constraint, coercion, state or condition of being compelled
I have done mind mapping to generate ideas, but never have I turned them into actual posts…so here we go!

Some of my mind mapping ideas:


which led to….


Hoarding is characterized by excessive saving of possessions and having problems when throwing personal belongings away. The major features of hoarding include not being able to use living quarters in the capacity of which it is meant, having difficulty moving throughout the home due to massive amounts of possessions blocking doorways, entire rooms, hallways, you name it. This can pose a threat to the hoarder and their family, but the main reason people hoard is because they believe these items will be useful in the future or are too sentimental to discard.

Imagine a person is so fascinated with the fact that they can keep their whites sparkling, and smelling great just by using a Tide Pod or a single cap of Tide. After repeatedly using the brand Tide, they realize that this brand is really a lifesaver and slowly begin to become obsessed. They start to get the notion that people perceive you in a different manner; such as complimenting you on your outfits, saying how great you look and as a result from hearing this you begin to feel better about yourself! As the saying goes when you look great, you feel great. Tide is just a small portion of your life that truly has a bigger impact than you ever could have expected. You have been using Tide all along and never came to the realization that is is a major confidence booster for your self esteem. You can’t walk past a detergent isle without buying at least two boxes of Tide, two containers of Pods, and packs of the To Go pens because you absolutely feel compelled to have back-ups in the event that you may run out of your supply. Talk about a total addiction, a force that compels you to hoard, but for the sake of looking and feeling great which is truly satisfying for the mind, body and soul.
Some Compulsive Hoarding:
IMG_1396 IMG_1398
IMG_1406 IMG_1409 IMG_1408

Post 32-Quotidian: A typical Curiousness class



  1. Of or occurring every day; daily.
  2. Ordinary or everyday, esp. when mundane.
daily – everyday – diurnal – ordinary – commonplace

For some reason every time I sit down in Curiousness class and draw my attention to the front of the classroom, I have this feeling that I am in fact not even in a classroom and rather a big audience. The environment is something totally different than any other class most likely in the history of all college classes. This class is ANYTHING but typical and that is the reason I enjoy Curiousness. The first thing that comes to mind is the professors. Will and Scott, or Scott and Will either order of the two is fine. These professors are truly some of the most down to earth “real” professors I have had in my high school and college career! I think that they can relate to just about anything that we have to say and that just shows how they are up to date with their knowledge for all the various subjects that you definitely come across in the advertising business.

There is just one thing I would like to mention. Every time class is about to start; I feel like my professors aren’t Scott Sherman nor Will Sims, rather they are Steve Carell and Will Ferrell! (LMAO!!!) But this is the truth, the mannerisms that both Will and Scott demonstrate in class makes me think of them as if they were filming a sequel to the Step Brothers movie, and this is a good thing. It is common to hear Scott talk about Will and make funny little jokes with just about everything that Will or a student says. This is all good and fun and promotes people to speak up and participate during the class which is entertaining in many ways. Then there is Will Sims aka Will Ferrell. He is the chill, laid back professor that is real down to earth and knows just about every single curse. He won’t hold back on saying anything besides the “B” word which is a no-no! Its entertaining to hear what he might have to say and also his perspective on a matter compared to Scott’s aka Steve Carell. These professors are great in terms of teaching material and having fun basically all the time, I mean….how boring would it be to have two boring ass professors teach for nearly 2 hours and 40 minutes. I WOULD NOT MAKE IT!

So I made a little picture from the one I took in class showing our professors as Steve Carell and Will Ferrell, enjoy:

First here is what I really feel like a common/ typical Curiousness class is like: (picture taken from Google images search)


Here is the picture that I took from class: Scott looks like he is posing for me with that stare lol!


Here is my version of class that I mention above:

Post 31-Quotidian: common class exercises

Quotidian > common > everyday > creative ideas> in class activity

Every single wednesday of the week from 4-6:40 is the typical time frame for this class known as “Curiousness”. Except there is really nothing typical about this class. In fact, I have never had one quite like it before. Curiousness is a class where you get to explore your creative strengths and weaknesses by thinking about everyday things from a totally different perspective. I have realized over the recent weeks that I have been thinking about random scenarios and trying to build and expand from these ideas just like I have while doing this Project 54 blog. In class we learned some new techniques in order to help promote better ideas and draw stronger connections to the brand whether it be drawing a simple sketch, making a mind map, or writing short stories that are not even related to Tide itself. But that is what makes writing these short stories so much more interesting. Instead of being plain and boring, I have heard people create these elaborate ideas, which in return has made me think in a completely different way and has helped me expand my creative side.

During an exercise in class we were told to depict what a Crayola crayon was with our eyes closed. I actually enjoyed this activity because it made me think back to when I actually used crayons as a kid which brought back some good memories. We were asked to write down a bunch of different similes that described our crayon. My crayon was red and it made me think back to when I was a kid and I had to pick whether my favorite color was red or blue…haha the good ole days!

Some of similes were:

  1. My crayola crayon smells like clay.
  2. My crayon is red like bloodshot eyes.
  3. My crayon s like Harry Potters wand, magical.
  4. My crayon is like a joint in my hand.

I also wrote down that my crayon has a simple soul, if treated with the proper care, it will perform to its fullest potential. If not it will break and cause you to go absolutely crazy.


As the next part of the creative activity, we were shown a picture of this person’s eye that was all red and looked rather infected. We had to right down in brief detail what we thought about the picture. Some of the things I wrote were: pink eye, out of ordinary, it looks like Tom Hanks, someone needs to wash their pillows, conjunctivitis, disgusting, and super stank eye.

We also wrote about Tide in terms of a few catch phrases for a slogan, and a few of mine were:
Have you ever gotten the shit beat out of you….Tide for the Dennis the Menace problem child that can’t keep clean.
Tide is like a god. Tide is gentle on the outside, but its soul is tough as a warrior on the inside. (Tide controls my brain)

Here it is:

Post 30-Quotidian: The Opposite of Tide


(^^^My jeans with the unfortunate bleach sad face)

Quotidian> uncommon > opposite> irrelevant> unusual > weird stain > bleach> payback> gotcha!

Every time I come home and walk through my garage door the first thing that I encounter is the laundry room. One Whirlpool washer, one Whirlpool dryer, a cabinet full of cleaning supplies including mops, rags, and most importantly more Tide than anyone could imagine! I take my shoes off as a routine that I have followed since I was a kid, than hang up my keys on a rack and I am ready to get settled into my home. But I have realized something different about my laundry room ever since I started working on the Project 54 blog! From now on when I walk into my laundry room, I look at everything the same besides the Tide bottles, pods, and one other important item I keep around the house, THE BLEACH!

The bleach bottle might seem like a great item to use around the house on appliances, and especially good to use on drastic stains that seem nearly impossible to remove. Right?? NO, WRONG! Well I had this crazy idea that the bleach bottle was actually the bad guy in this situation. When a stain is encountered by the bleach, it would attack the stain in the opposite way that Tide would do by easily alleviating a tough to remove stain. What if the bleach acted like it was cleaning the stain with it’s strong cleaning properties, BUT instead it was actually ruining your expensive pair of Levi jeans! You saw that the bleach was soaking in so you walk away and go on with the rest of your daily activities. You had this notion that when you left your clothes to soak in the bleach that everything would be alright. Unfortunately this bleach had been effected during the production process and it contained very high levels of chlorine. Bleach is normally supposed to work by breaking down the chemical bonds that make the solution work properly, this changes the molecule into a different substance that either absorbs light or doesn’t. (some Bill Nye science status for you)

In this case when the bleach encounters the stain, it created major discoloration and the pants almost appeared as if there was a blob of white-out spilled onto the fabric. When I came home and returned to the sink where I left the pants soaking in a bucket, I realized something strange and immediately raised my eyebrow in suspicion that there was something wrong with my pants. When I lifted the jeans out of the bucket, I saw that there was obvious white discoloration that seemed like it was trying to mysteriously tell me something. Of course, when I took a closer look at the jeans they had a easily noticeable upside down sad face! In simple terms the bleach remedy for  a tough stain is like playing a joke on yourself. Except this joke is expensive and not really all that funny, but rather embarrassing. Don’t spend the extra money on new jeans, instead it is smarter to just rely on Tide because it will never make you play a costly joke on yourself.

Post 29-Decipher: whats going on here?

Decipher> break down> understand concept> whats going on in this scenario> snow> fun> creative

As I am sure everybody thought Spring had arrived within the recent weeks; we all came to the realization that it may be Spring, however the temperatures were in the 30’s and snowfall was definitely in the forecast. Virginia weather is crazy as I have come to realize myself, so why not take advantage of it and be creative?? So that’s exactly what I did. I had this idea to create something in the snow….but I wasn’t exactly sure what I could transform the snow into. I grabbed a shovel, my thinking cap, and a few items that were sitting around the house. Then I started creating with the resources that were before my own eyes. I had some yellow, orange, and blue sprinkles, some small plastic toys including bmx bike, snowboard, and ramps. Then it clicked! Why not make a miniature X-Games venue in my own backyard! Well that’s exactly what I did.

At the starting gate where the skiing and snowboarding event is held, stands a “Dome of Tide” that the athletes relax in prior to their event beginning. I believe that the reason Tide should be a sponsor for the X-Games is because the brand can be shown in a way that has a profound impact on the sport’s viewers. For instance, say Sean White was to wear a snowboarding suit that was designed by Proctor and Gamble and it was advertising the Tide logo. The use of famous athletes advertising brands for companies is very compelling to the viewer and is seen commonly these days. People will see this and perceive what he is wearing as being useful and a helpful necessity. When Sean White busts a few insanely difficult tricks, he literally cleans away the competition entirely. People decipher this and may subconsciously buy Tide, which might not help them win a Gold in the X-Games, BUT it may make them feel as if they are a winner just like Sean White. This is a simple connection between something not related to laundry detergent (The X-Games), and the brand Tide.

Decipher the scene:
IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1218
IMG_1219  IMG_1220   IMG_1224 IMG_1228   IMG_1231

This was constructed like a pro so it was still standing 3 days after it snowed……
IMG_1237   IMG_1239
IMG_1238   IMG_1269 IMG_1275

Post 28-Decipher: What happens in this scenario

Decipher> think about> analyze> break down> interpret
        In this post I am going to take you away from the typical city scene and bring you out into a peaceful place where you can hear nothing but birds and wildlife grazing the fields. I was on my friend Haley’s farm located out in Powhatan which is basically located in the country…in the…middle of nowhere Virginia. I’m just joking…. but if you are from New York City then that is pretty much what it seems like. Well when I initially moved to Virginia all of my friends from New York thought I lived on a farm with cows, horses and stalks of corn. hahahaha I laughed so damn hard because I live in the same type of suburban neighborhood like I did in New York. Anyways Powhatan is actually a really peaceful place because it is so secluded and away from everything else. There are no worries over whether your nosy neighbor is looking at what your doing, especially when it is a nice spring/summer day and you just feel like doing whatever you can imagine.
        Haley owns a horse that is very strong, energetic, playful and at times a pain in the ass to deal with. It is very fascinating to see the relationship between the horse and herself. I can describe the relationship as being very similar to a man and his best friend (a dog). The horses name is Tally and she is for years old. Tally is seriously smarter than half of my friends, and this is no joke she really understands commands given from Haley. Well when I was out on her farm with a few friends we watched Haley do a few different training exercises with Tally before she was going to take her inside for a bath. Haley wears this saddle around her outfit that matches the saddle that Tally wears whenever she rides her around the farm or during a competition. She told me that she ALWAYS keeps it clean and in pristine condition because thats a requirement and she made a comparison of a professional worker keeping their suits clean when doing business. Haley constantly uses Tide week in and week out because like I saw, living on a farm is a dirty job in itself. She prefers to use Tide to wash her white uniform and Tally’s special white saddle because it helps remove all of the dirt and grass stains she encounters on a daily basis. Tide is a very minuscule part of Haley’s life but it simply improves her life and Tally’s appearance when she is being judged in a competition.
 On this particular day Haley was trying to get Tally to do this command that she had been practicing with her for a while. For some reason Tally did not listen at all and was being super playful and not following a single command she was given.Decipher the following scenario:

I took all of these pictures from my IPhone
IMG_1343 IMG_1345 IMG_1346 IMG_1347

white_saddlelrUntitledhere is Haley and Tally at a competition

Post 27-Decipher: Rorschach Test

Decipher> mental process> psychological> think about it!

The Rorschach test,  also known as the Rorschach inkblot test is a psychological test in which subjects perceptions of inkblots are recorded and then analyzed using psychological interpretation, complex algorithms or a combination of both. The test is named after its creator, Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach. Some psychologists use this test to examine a person’s personality characteristics and emotional functioning. It has been employed to detect underlying thought disorder, especially in cases where patients are reluctant to describe their thinking processes openly.

Scoring systems for Rorschach tests generally include a concept of “determinants”. These are the factors that contribute to the similarity between the inkblot and the individual’s response about it. They can represent basic perceptual attitudes, showing aspects of the way a subject perceives the world. Form is the most common determinant, and is related to intellectual processes. Color responses often provide direct insight into emotional life. Shading and movement have been considered more ambiguous, both in definition and interpretation.

In this scenario when a individual comes to take the Rorschach test he/she is giving a certain inkblot and a psychologist analyzes the information. They determine that the individual has a very strong inclination for being a hard worker, organized, focused, and clean. This in turn then leads the individual who took the test into a career as a general manager of a 5 star restaurant. Note: (this is improving someones life, and Tide is not being used in any way shape or form….just a different way of thinking outside of the box per say)

Here are what some of my Rorschach Test’s looks like:

IMG_1336     IMG_1342    IMG_1339 IMG_1340   IMG_1338

Post 26-No Directive: Collage

For this post I decided to go through a bunch of different magazines in search of activities people do throughout their day. I went through a handful of magazines (about 6), before finding anything that was pertinent for this topic. By activities, I’m referring to eating, getting ready for school, physical activity and of course sleep which is one of the most important things in life, I have come to realize. It might not look like this took 45 minutes, but the process and effort put into the idea did take me a while to do. Tide has a bearing on all of these daily activities and whether or not people realize it does help them in small, yet simple ways. That is the point though!

In every day of your life, you do a hundred things. It is a super sized fantastic hectic pace that we as a human race enjoy. Everything we do, from waking up in the morning to going to work, school or play, is an experience. You want to make sure you meet those challenges while looking your best, whether that is in the boardroom, classroom or on the playing fields. Unfortunately, a major part of life is that accidents do happen. Your friend could spill grape juice on your pants, leaving an ugly dark purple stain, or you could drop barbecue sauce on your shirt to create an unappealing dark brown blob. Nobody is perfect; accidents happen, that is just part of life. This should not get you down because you should spend your time doing what is important and leave the tedious task of laundry to the professionals. The good news is, there are professionals who take care of the accidents that you are bound to walk into in your every day life so that you are free to enjoy every moment of your day. Chores like laundry should require minimal effort to save strength for the more important things. Therefore, Tide is the best there is at taking the unnecessary effort out of laundry. It helps us feel great, look great and keeps our lives simple. “Tide has you covered.”

Tide gives you the freedom and confidence to know that your favorite outfits will stay looking brand new for a much longer duration of time. The curve balls of life have met a fearsome power hitter in Tide. It improves our lives in small ways with its superior cleaning power. Looking fresh and clean is of paramount importance in today’s society. Why not make it easier with Tide, the brand where families enjoy all of life’s pleasures knowing they can trust Tide to help keep them looking their best.

My Collage:

IMG_1298      IMG_1295


Post 25-No Directive:Bad Day Turned Good with a little help from Tide: A Real Life Scenario

This is a original 30 line poem that involved me driving to VCU one morning. They say that accidents happen right around the corner from where you live…and I would have to say that is an accurate statement. A truck made an illegal U-turn on an authorized median on the highway causing the two cars in front of me to slam on their brakes, and so I did the same. I was not going to mention this part to anyone but… as the State Trooper (no joke literally Farva from SuperTroopers- liter of Cola and all) arrived on the scene he could not help but state the fact that a Toyota PRIUS had done all of this damage to my vehicle (a Camry), and he proceeded to smirk at me a little as he was just trying to lighten up the atmosphere. When you read this, try and imagine the scene that I depict and see if you can visualize the events that occurred. 

I wake up in the morning still tired and yawning
So I made a cup of coffee and get my mind performing
I have been up all night studying and finally fall asleep at 4am
Now thats what happens when you are college student with a sleep problem
9am approaches and Im headed to school
For I have an Econ exam that I must do
I throw on my favorite jeans and most comfortable tee-shirt 
Head out the door to go put in some work
Once I step outside and look up into the sky 
I realize the air is different and spring has just arrived 
It was peaceful out the birds were chirping and the wind was blowing
But knowing Virginia within the next week it will be 30° and snowing 
While driving on the highway I realized something that just didn’t seem right
I could sense something was wrong with my 20/20 sight 
Cars were slowing down and coming to an abrupt stop
So I did the same while watching out for the cop
All of the sudden a truck pulled off of the highway 
For no other reason then there was an upcoming toll to pay
Out of NOWHERE I had gotten nailed from the back
Faster than Hussein Bolt running on a track
That fucker literally came out of nowhere and that is no joke
My car was nailed like the back of a porn stars throat
I felt my heartbeat to make sure that I did in fact survive
All jokes aside I was just lucky to still be alive
My center console got crushed and coffee spilled all over the place
Then I realized my favorite shirt and jeans were drenched from the coffee and blood that dripped from my face
Not only was my car absolutely crushed and smothered 
Now my favorite clothes we’re completely covered 
After my mom had arrived at the scene
She said don’t even worry Tide will get you all clean
Well… is the damage (totaled)…..I really love women….just not particularly their driving (no offense girls).
IMG_1132         IMG_1133
here is the new fresh whip: look at me now little Geico lizard, that insurance check sure made me happy and improved my day in a huge and meaningful way just like the brand Tide! (that woman must have paid thru the nose, oh well!)
Sidenote: We do so much in our busy lives and when unexpected things occur we must be confident that we can do those things. You are going to mess up plenty during your life and have little to no control over that at all. Trust me! You can get beat down, nearly killed and still look and feel great thanks to Tide.