Post 44-None: Ground Zero

None > gone > vanished > nothing> ground zero> starting spot> taking a negative> creating a positive

ground zero – original twin towers none… taking a huge negative and trying to do something positive with the situation…helping people in little ways everyday … the ultimate in turning a big tragedy into something positive…never allowing them to be forgotten with building a memorial for them and still remembering them to this day and forever.

Since I am originally from New York and all of my relatives still currently reside their, I always feel connected and up to date with whatever is occurring in the Big Apple. Recently, I visited my cousin who just moved into a new high-rise apartment building with UNREAL views right across from the new World Trade Center!  This is when I got the idea to do a post about “ground zero” for the Tide directive “none”. It actually was a positive post for me in that it brought back memories of when I lived in New York. I remember going down to the World Trade Center ground zero site and thinking to myself, how could this happen and thought how the building debris could ever possibly be cleaned up. Ground Zero resembles the Tide brand in many different ways, you just have to use your mind and think about it. Ground Zero is just like Tide because you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. You go from having nothing at all aka ground zero, and with the help from thousands, create a memorial pool set up for the victims affected in this tragedy. The teamwork and coordinating involved created small and meaningful improvements for victims, families, and the rescuers like the police, firefighters who risked their lives that September 11,2001.

Tide is incorporated with ground zero because you start at ground zero, the basics, aka Tide. The slate will never be wiped clean. It will always provoke a response in visitors and relatives who were killed there, just as Tide provokes a response in everybody through generations. The response that it illicits is one of comfort and memory. Very often of generations within the same family have used Tide. There is a comfort level between Tide and ground zero. When they see the site, they are comforted in the same ways because when they visit the site they see that their loved ones are being acknowledged and will never be forgotten. That is POWERFUL, just as Tide evokes a strong response in most of it’s users. Knowing that ones own grandmother or grandfather used this product is very comforting because it connects us to the good feelings about the people we loved even tho they might not be here anymore. Somethings don’t have to change to be better. Tide is Tide is Tide!

This is where I got my inspiration for this post and the idea to use with Tide for none. Here are some great views of the new Twin Tower being constructed across from my cousins apartment building. Go and visit New York City sometime if you haven’t already!
IMG_0475   IMG_0476 people look like ants from 30 stories up!
IMG_0488 wayyy up in the clouds
IMG_0498 lit up at night


Post 43-None: Feeling naked without Tide

None > absence > gone > empty > The Naked Truth

This is a story about how one feels naked when there is an absence of Tide in there life.
Note: Just wanted to say this easily took me 45 minutes to do. I have seen other students write out scenarios and I can see its evident they didn’t just pull something off the top of their head just by reading through details in their work…Here you go, Enjoy!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Masterpieces as painted by the incomparable Leonardo Da Vinci, depicted the beauty of the naked form. The absence of clothing represents a person’s true form. To be without clothes allows you to be free and true to yourself. It is an expression of yourself as an artist, a freedom to be without, to be unemcumbered. You choose not to hide under your veil of clothing. Do clothes make the person? Or does the person make the clothes? Do we wear what we are comfortable in or not? Paparazzi hound celebrities and comment on who and what they are wearing, which designer, style and color. Whether it’s a twenty dollar tee shirt or a thousand dollar suit, what you wear becomes who you are, your identity, your trademark.

When one has no Tide left the feeling is as if you are naked. That gentle and satisfying sensation is no longer present with the absence of Tide. Instead of making simple but meaningful progress in ones life, you make awful decisions and slowly begin to digress from all social norms. You arrive on the job and look like complete shit. Your suit is all stained from messy BBQ sauce, your tie and pants look like they have been crumpled up inside of an accordion. Bottom line, you are a total fucking mess and you just might as well not wear any clothes at all! You come to the realization that your life has gone downhill without Tide. The good ole days with Tide are ones that you recall to be the most cherishing. You see that all of the good times; the parties, the friends you have made, and the goals that you accomplished were appreciated so much more with the brand Tide. As the saying goes, “You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone!”

The look when there is NONE LEFT!

IMG_1192  IMG_1094

Post 42-None: Tide Zero

None > no additives > no bologna> nothing > organic > natural > zero crap

I decided to get innovative and create a new product that fits the Tide brand very well. I got this idea from my friend who constantly drinks Coke Zero like a fiend. She drinks Coke Zero because she says it tastes different and doesn’t have any sugar or blah blah…ya a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. Anyways I have lived a natural and organic lifestyle ever since I can remember. Every time my friends come over they always go to my pantry and just look at me and say “dude seriously, what the FUCK is this organic shit”. I would just laugh and say ahhh its good for ya man it doesn’t have the preservatives and garbage that does harm to your body. There are so many additives in a multitude of products these days. The eye rolls and mean mugging ensued. My parents always stressed eating and purchasing items that were from “natural” health stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

The word “natural” and “organic” has definitely been altered greatly these days and not just within foods. Detergents and beauty products these days have so many different phosphates and enzymes that cause major skin irritation which is really uncomfortable. So many people have allergic reactions these days, but its so difficult to identify the source of the problem because the ingredients are hidden and not advertised whether laundry detergent or even soda. Its not only what you put in your body, but what you put on your body. Whether it be a toddler, small child, or even your little old grandma you can ensure that no skin irritations will occur when using Tide Zero! Im coming from an organic point of view and I equate Tide Zero with 32oz of pure unadulterated goodness.

Sidenote: I created this Tide Zero idea while in my favorite creative spot (steam shower).
Warning: Tide Zero does not include itching, scratching, irritation
Here is Tide Zero in a 12 oz can and 24oz bottle:
photo  photo-1

Post 41-Evil: South Park sketch

Evil > immoral > inappropriate > sinful > offensive > hilarious> cartoons

Ever since I was in the 5th grade I had some fascination to watch South Park. Yea, thats right I said the 5th grade! haha. I can recall going to the Blockbuster store and purchasing the entire set of all seasons for South Park. South Park was my favorite show, and if you tried to turn it off on me or make me do something else all hell would ensue. But honestly my favorite character is Towelie, well because he is a towel that wonders around all day getting high. I mean come on its hilarious when you think about it and watch how he acts in the scenes. I would watch these DVD’s and really have no damn idea what was going on, besides the fact that the characters were just funny as hell. South Park is definitely NOT meant for a 5th grader to watch, but when you grow up in New York City, things are just a little bit different. The messages portrayed in the episodes are usually mocking some type of real life event that has occurred, all while making it absolutely hilarious for the viewer. But one major thing I do remember vividly was the notion that adults (my friends parents) would take away from South Park. They would say things like, “Oh my goodness, I cant believe you let him watch that crap!” “That show completely depletes brain cells” “Do you want your son to be walking around cursing and being the bad child”. Haha yea yea I have literally heard it all.
Lets talk about being creative for a second here, since that is a major part of the Curiousness class. The creators of South Park; Matt Stone, and Trey Parker are two very unique and beyond creative individuals. They really do seem to have the ultimate ways of thinking outside of the box, and this is why they are so successful whether they produce evil comedy or not. Also, they are complete nuts and may have a few loose up top after all of the drugs they have encountered in their lifetime, but hey they are successful and make some hilarious creations. Usually the message that South Park creators gives to the viewers are bad or intrinsically evil, I will agree with that. I can specifically remember back to the 5th grade, riding on the back of the school bus while it made rounds in the neighborhood. Two of my best friends and of course myself were the ones who were riding in the back. We were the Cartman, Kyle, Stan type characters. The things you would hear coming out of that bus was beyond atrocious! So many expletives, finger gestures, and ass cheeks on the window mooning people were all in part thanks to South Park!

But here is the twist, not everything in the episodes of South Park need to be evil or just flat out wrong. The messages still can be shown in whatever manner the creators wish. So this is where I incorporated Tide into the post. Since mostly younger aged audiences today definitely do still watch South Park, they could show the characters having scenes with Tide whether it be evil or just slightly evil. For instance, if they show Cartman in a scene with his mom complaining about being dirty and wanting to use Tide to get clean. He always finds ways to maneuver his mom into getting what he truly desires. Or if the mentally challenged and partially crippled character Jimmy stutters and says “wanna get cl- cl- cle- clean!” That is really evil to even portray someone who is mentally challenged in that type of manner, but when younger kids or really anyone who sees Tide in a episode will have some unique connection with the brand Tide.
Here is my drawing:

Post 40-Evil: Insider Trading

Evil > underground > insider> illegal> knowledge > unethical > stocks

Definition of ‘Insider Trading’: The buying or selling of a security by someone who has access to material, nonpublic information about the security.

Insider trading has gotten a bad name in recent years. News comentators and government officials often disparage inside traders as greedy, sinister people who would cut their own mother’s throat if she got in the way of a deal. A typical case of insider trading occurs when a buyer with inside information calls his stockbroker and tells him to buy, knowing that the stock price is likely to rise as soon as the inside information becomes public. In this case, the buyer does not deceive the seller into giving up property. Indeed, the buyer does not even know who the seller is, and the seller would have sold anyway, anonymously. The seller’s action would have been the same whether an inside trader was the other party to the transaction or not. If the inside trader had not purchased the stock, someone else would have. Yet this “someone else” would not be accused of reaping unjust profits, even if the identical stock were purchased for the same price the insider would have paid.

Whose Rights Are Violated by Insider Trading?
The most obvious potential “victims” of insider trading are the potential sellers who sell their stock anonymously to an inside trader.

Who is Harmed by Prohibitions on Insider Trading?
The obvious answer is the inside traders themselves. Outlawing or restricting insider trading may have long-term adverse effects on the economy. The market certainly will operate less efficiently, because insider trading increases market efficiency.

Insider trading has been viewed as evil, and inside traders have been seen as unethical individuals. Insider trading can be beneficial to a number of groups. The fact that an inside trader can make millions of dollars, seemingly with little effort, is irrelevant as far as determining whether the practice is unethical.

In this case, what if the top financial executive for Proctor and Gamble had this special top secret information regarding a new Tide product that they were about to release. The product is a new and innovative detergent that are guaranteed to save families hundreds every year. There is insider information that the new and improved Tide product will nearly triple in sales, therefore individuals are told to buy a high number of shares for this particular stock which will promise to pay off greatly for the investors and inside traders as well. If this were a real life situation I would go ahead and agree to invest in the stock and screw myself because chances are if you are investing in stocks you are already screwing yourself over you just might not know this yet until you receive your statements. This is the definition of pure evil, and it is a very common practice seen throughout today’s society.


Note: The normal cost of Proctor and Gamble per share is roughly $82…When Insider Trading takes place, this causes the Tide product to skyrocket up to nearly $500 per share. (I created the graph and numbers as well)

Post 39-Evil: vampire frenzy

Evil > vampires > attack > blood > stains

This is an example of creating a unique situation while thinking outside of the box to make it a bit more creative!

-Unique idea, conflict, resolution

Vampires descend upon a rural town. There is blood splattered everywhere! They are attacking everything and everyone, from dogs and coyotes, to people. The sheriff’s office is beyond overwhelmed. The blood stains won’t come out and their presence is very demoralizing for all who remain.

Someone suggests using Tide, since it was always such a powerful stain remover. But then they come up with the brilliant idea of asking Proctor & Gamble to change the scent of Tide to a garlic scent! By using it on all of the public areas that have been crime sites, the scent will be widely scattered and will prevent further vampire attacks hence helping the entire community in a meaningful way!

IMG_1530    IMG_1531… mind mapping idea that is in the shape of a vampire bat, branching out with different thoughts.

(If you look closely to the photo on the right, the mind map is drawn to resemble a vampire branching off with different thoughts.)

Post 38-Evil: aliens invade earth in quest for Tide

evil > corrupt > wicked > sophistication > scheme > aliens > invasion

I got this evil idea from a sci-fi movie called, “The Invasion of the Body Snatchers” that was prevalent in the mid 1950’s. The reason I even know about this film was because my aunt was watching it the last time that I visited her, oddly enough. The story depicts an extraterrestrial invasion in a small California town. The invaders replace human beings with duplicates that appear identical on the surface, but have lost all of their emotion and individuality. The aliens would invade earth and begin by abducting humans, placing them in these pods that looked like pea-pods, and they would change them from their human form to alien form.

They literally looked similar to what they originally did prior to being abducted, but now they were actually aliens and any trace of their prior humanness, was completely gone! That is where I got this idea from and now here is my version of the story.

So, aliens invade earth. They have very sophisticated information gathering equipment. They think that Tide is a highly prized and rare chemical that their planet is in very short supply of. They then out one box of Tide into a “pod”, seal it up, and then the box proceeds on to a replication stage. Each pod yields only one box of Tide. Within a week’s time, they have stealthily removed all of the Tide inventory from all over the country. PANIC ENSUES! The government asks Proctor and Gamble to manufacture and package a white granular powder that smells and appears to be Tide, but is actually an inert substance that causes them to develop a rash that intensifies and quickly transforms into reptilian scales! The definition of EVIL!

IMG_1518 IMG_1519 IMG_1520 (Here are a few visuals I drew to show my thought process of the aliens invading earth and sucking up all of the Tide supply that exists.)

Post 37-Compulsion: bad drinking habits

Hour plus of writing from memory and real life events:
This idea came to me when I realized that nearly all of my friends were turning into alcoholics, which basically started during junior/ senior year in high school. I really never was that into drinking that much but would have an occasional drink with my friends and family as most normal people do. But people stretch the norms all the time and like to go above and beyond. Thats when I realized that drinking is truly a compulsion in itself. It compels the individual to get away from everything that is going on in there life and drown it out with the heavy consumption of alcohol. This is a story of an event that took place during my senior year in high school during our beach week adventure in South Carolina. Enjoy!  (This is just like the Tide brand except is not a small improvement, but a huge improvement .)

I awakened to a weird feeling of a wet foaminess lather that was one of the most unpleasant things I have ever witnessed. The bright sunlight hurt my eyes. As I awakened a little more, I sat up and saw that I was surrounded by a white foam and it was all over the room. It must have been at least a foot high! Then it all slowly started coming back to me…

My friends invited me to an end of the year party. It was our beach week and last time that my small group of high school classmates would be together as a core before everyone embarked on their journey off to various colleges across the country. Anyone who would be drinking had to surrender their car keys at the beginning of the evening. I did so just in case I broke down and had a drink, which of course happened. I had every intention of sticking to my plain soda water. HAHA GET REAL, SIKE! But peer pressure is not always a beautiful thing. My friends had no idea that I was battling an alcohol problem. I’m a very private person and I didn’t want them to look at me in a negative way. I was doing fine until I just couldn’t refuse their persistent nagging for me to join in and to be “one of the guys”. So of course I stopped holding out and joined in taking shot after shot and yet again shot after shot! This was no first time drinking extravaganza for us tho. I mean I went to Benedictine High School an all male, catholic, military style high school. We were the Cadets and all supported each other in whatever we were doing, whether it was playing sports, in the classroom, or even taking a few beer bongs. We were drinking way before most of my other friends around town, thats for sure. There were so many times that we would have house parties and all get wasted beyond all but this beach week trip was about as rowdy as the “Cadets” have ever been. Then I thought I would look around the house, simply to get myself away from ground zero. I stumbled into the laundry room and found a large box of my favorite detergent, Tide. I was hammered at this point; SO for the hell of it, I started pouring Tide into the washing machine. Sounds like a great idea, right?….Well, no actually that is wrong! I poured about half of the box into the machine. Then I thought that I should throw some clothes in, so that it wouldn’t mess up and overflow. I thought I had put the dial on the correct setting, but I guess my alcohol goggles were in full effect, and I actually turned it on to the full throttle mode. Right after I locked myself in the laundry room and got the machine nice and full, is when I could not recall anything else that occurred that night. That was when my friends found me and kept after me to have another drink just so I would stay awake and enjoy the rest of the night. It was 230am, everyone was beyond trashed and about to crash for the night. But there was one thing that we all forgot about, including myself! The washing machine with the half a box of Tide in it blasting away on full speed. The machine was left on for the entire night and literally overflowed and filled the entire first floor of the town home with a sudsy mess. The next morning we all we so hungover and not in the mood to do anything that required physical activity. Now I had to deal with getting my friends to help me clean everything up and resolving NEVER TO HAVE ANOTHER DRINK FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.
 But we had to fix this mess and checkout by noon somehow, so we opened up all of the windows and doors, tied towels around our shoes and practically skated around the house in order to soak up all of the soapy mess that I created all by myself. This is why I am better off never drinking again!

Post 36-Compulsion: Gambling Billboard



Compulsion> bad habits > urge > controlling > problems>excessive> gambling
I got this idea to make a gambling billboard since it was one of the most apparent compulsive disorders I could think of. Gambling is a bad habit and compulsion that many people partake in, until they realize that this compulsion is ruining their life. The idea is to place a billboard on the Vegas Strip where a ton of gambling takes occurs. The billboard is a play off of Alcohol Anonymous 12 steps program to bite the bad compulsion for gambling in this case. The billboard shows a message regarding Tide and gambling, which is supposed to be a tool to help put a curve to gambling compulsions. This in turn resembles the Tide brand since it is trying to help people in a small and meaningful way which can better their life.

Tide Users Anonymous Billboard

  • Time to clean up your act?
  • Tide Users Anonymous
  • for immediate help call now 1-800-TIDE
  • we’ll give you 12 reasons to make switch to a cleaner life

Heres the designs:

IMG_1524 IMG_1525IMG_1526 IMG_1527  IMG_1528Las-Vegas-Strip-7884-TS-S1  My billboard shown on the famous Vegas strip

Post 35-Compulsion:Bonnie and Tide

This is the story of how Bonnie and Tide began one of the largest detergent sprees recorded in recent history. 
Bonnie and Tide were two young amazingly talented and intelligent individuals. They did have a somewhat checkered past, however. They both grew up without the supervision of their parents, who were always at work. Thus, from a very young age, they learned to get attention by acting out and behaving in various troubling ways. Pulling a kid’s hair, stealing toys, breaking neighbor’s windows all served to get them noticed. Bonnie and Tide met initially, at an after school program. It was there that one young teacher had a very profound influence on them. He was able to help turn their lives around and to help them understand the importance of an education. The two of them lost touch at the end of the 3rd grade. On occasion, their behavioral issues would reappear during the course of their lives, as they were growing up. One summer day, Bonnie and Tide were reacquainted at mutual friend’s house. The attraction was instantaneous.
A few weeks after they met, they began dating and formed a very close relationship in which they could rely upon each other for nearly everything imaginable.  They were well known folks throughout their hometown; when they would walk into a store or restaurant, people knew them by their first names. They lived a modest lifestyle, and held local jobs. Bonnie and Tide were polite as can be, and always helped others with whatever they needed. Bonnie and Tide were extremely smart and they knew the in’s and out’s of how things worked. Nobody would ever question Bonnie and Tide, and this is the main reason they began to go on the largest detergent spree ever recorded in history. Bonnie and Tide were some laundry detergent stealing thieves! It just seems like a leopard never changes its’ spots. Though they did lead upright and law- abiding lives, they both harbored some sort of a compulsion to continue that criminal streak that drove their very early lives.  It didn’t make any sense, but compulsions are like that.
They began secretly stealing cartons of Tide from the markets in the neighboring towns, so as not to draw attention to themselves. When they had cleaned out the entire county, they began breaking into people’s homes in order to wash everyone’s clothes with the stolen Tide. Their compulsion started out in small, initially local stores in the town, but as their tenacity grew they escalated to small cities across other counties and bordering states. Their need to amass the Tide grew to catastrophic proportions. It turns out that what compelled them to steal quickly escalated into a soapy drama filled life from then on out. They broke in by hook or crook; breaking windows or breaking down doors-nothing could stop them in their compulsion to use the stolen Tide for the benefit of everyone who resided in their town. As you may have guessed, they were eventually caught, but their punishment wasn’t what you might have expected. They were fired from their jobs and had to pay for all of the doors and windows that they had broken and destroyed. They avoided jail time by agreeing to open a laundromat for the community. This was a blessing in disguise because they could still live out their compulsion with Tide, but now it would be in a healthier way.  As you might guess, they only carried Tide in the Laundromat. Part of their plea bargain was that they had to iron their customer’s shirts at no charge.