Hey everyone, my name is Marc Rosen but everyone calls me Chaunce. The name “Chaunce” originated in about the 6th grade when me and a group of friends were watching the NBA star Chauncey Billups play on TV. There was just something about that name that clicked and ever since then I have been called Chaunce. I am a New Yorker, born and raised in Long Island, in a town named Port Washington. The movie “Meet The Parents” was literally filmed in my backyard way back in the 5th grade. no lie look it up if you want, LOL! I lived in New York up until the 6th grade when my parents decided to move into Richmond, Virginia. This was the first major transition and turning point in my life, leaving all of my friends and family back in New York as I was on a journey to finding new everything. I attended Benedictine High School, which is located right in the city of Richmond and very close to the VCU campus. I am athletic, funny, easy to be around and at times a rather quiet person. I like to run and exercise in my spare time, hang out with my friends, go to the bars, Chaunce around town, and do typical things that 22 year olds do.

Two interesting facts:
1) My kindergarten teacher’s name was Mrs.Hamburger.
2) One of my classmates name from middle school was “Jiseon Yu”… I really wish I was joking but the year book doesn’t lie!

Feel free to contact me through email or even on facebook if you want to! “IM DIFFERENT”

IMG_0605    (-____-)


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