Post 52-Reflect

reflect > look back > determine > gather data > explain how things went

Throughout the course of my Project 54 blog, I have had this one specific place that I could call my “creative space”. Whenever I got stuck or was at a loss for ideas I took a break from my pen and paper, put all other thoughts and ideas aside and jumped right into my “STEAMIST 4000”- lovely steam shower. It is really amazing how well I was able to clear my mind and focus on the specific directives.
Here is my creative space:
IMG_1251 IMG_1255 IMG_1262

As the weeks moved forward and the post’s kept piling on, I caught myself thinking differently about being creative. I would look at things from a different perspective than I ever have in the past, which helped me add onto posts and expand them by furthering my ideas. I found myself using mind-mapping to help produce ideas often, which led to me writing a story with a specific scenario as well as adding some visuals to help create ideas and spark new ones.

When I got stuck, I would take a break, walk, go for a run, that would help my mind focus on other things which actually make me more creative when I returned to my pen and paper. Will gives the best advice when he say’s to begin your creative work for Curiousness with a pen and a piece of paper- that is the most useful way, for sure! I have become so concentrated and focused on the Tide brand that for the past few months I realized that I was thinking about it daily in some way, shape, form. Sometimes I would over think an idea wayyyyy too long and get stuck until I decided that the idea was acceptable; just get it done and stop the perfectionism/procrastination!!!

One thing that occurred to me over the semester was that getting the insights and feedback from another person about the overall idea and process put into the visuals helped me greatly. At the end of each week, I called my aunt Sammy, and 2 of my close friends so that I could hear some honest feedback that was both objective and helpful at the same time. It really never hurts to have an extra set of eyes review your work.


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