Post 54- Reflect….the end is here!

I cannot believe that this is the end of Project 54 :(… I have several friends who have taken this course and told me how exciting it is, how different the professors are, and that this is the most unique class ever taken in their college career. I would have to go ahead and agree that I have learned to think in so many different ways than ever before! I agree that Scott and Will are two of the most entertaining and creative teachers I have come across in my ENTIRE school experience. They keep class entertaining for the whole 2hr 40 minute class time and find a way to do some of the most creative class exercises that are most of the time hilarious to watch. The whole point is to get curious about the environment you are faced with, to learn from failure, to be judgmental towards others work in order to improve yours, to take chances, to understand the meaning behind the Tide brand, and most of all YOU MUST HAVE FUN. I wish there were more classes that were set up in the same ways that Curiousness is. The class Curiousness itself has taught me to go beyond and outside of my barriers, to expand my horizons, to draw and be more of an artist, to use BOTH sides of my brain, to not be afraid to express your true emotions and to never say the “B word” when in the same room as Will Sims!

Here is my brain while working on Project 54- TIDE:

From the point forward in my life, I will now look at the brand Tide in a different, a way that I never even imagined was possible. Tide is not just the liquid detergent that we use to clean our clothes, it is about the importance of family, and making small and meaningful improvements in one’s life which makes each day a little bit better. Whether it be helping your grandma put away her groceries, or giving pocket change to a homeless man, the Tide brand seeks to help people in many different ways then the obvious which is getting your dirty laundry clean. Now whenever I see the Tide logo or the yellow, orange and blue colors on a design, the brand Tide immediately comes to my mind.

Over the course of Project 54, I took over one of the rooms in my house and deemed it my “Curiousness Creative Work Cave”. My mom would walk into the room every time and say things like, “well damn that is a creative mess” , “clean this fucking room up”, “now what have you done, Marc”. So now that the semester is ending down, I promised her I would clean up the entire living room and restore things back to original condition just as Tide does with your favorite clothes.

So since I made such a mess and she put up with it for the semester I did a simple but meaningful thing to make her happy… I washed and detailed her car, and cooked her this 5 star meal.
IMG_0713 IMG_0646 IMG_0714

Well it’s been real guys, I hope you saw some interesting ideas and ones that made you think to yourself and go hmmmm well that’s cool (Scott Sherman voice). Take it easy, Stay Clean, and ROLL TIDE ROLL!


Post 53-Reflect

reflect > review > stay focused > how did it end up> thoughts> not a sprint> rather a marathon!

First I would like to say that this is the first time ever using a WordPress blog, or any blog at all. I found it to be fairly simple to maneuver through after the first week of blogging, and if anything Project 54 has inspired me to create my own blog.

At times I was not sure I if I would be able to get post’s done by the deadline week by week, but fortunately I turned up the pace and was able to catchup for the long hall. I like how this class is described as a “marathon” rather than a “sprint”, meaning that you can keep up at your pace as long as you catch up and stay on track with the number of posts. I think Project 54 is designed almost perfectly so that its fair and fun for the student working on the specific brand for the semester….this one being TIDE.  Project 54 was designed in any other format I think people would be royally screwed in terms of getting things in by the deadline and staying caught up.

When you sit down and have an idea you feel like you are heading down the right path. You may be on the right path, but when I finished the idea and hit “update” on the WordPress blog, is when I had a feeling of accomplishment/satisfaction with my work. This whole creative process and quest to find out what being curious really meant is difficult and at times seems somewhat never ending and almost nearly impossible to finish. The only thing that kept me going forward was knowing that I finished X amount of work and preparing ideas for the next group of directives given.

For example, when given a directive like “axiom”, a term I have never really seen or used before, I can say I have a better understanding of how to incorporate a specific directive with the brand Tide. As the weeks passed by, I found that I was able to produce more work at a faster and more focused pace than in previous weeks. Some of the biggest difficulties that I faced were trying to stay focused on the Tide brand while incorporating the directive that was assigned each week. Believe me it is not easy; it takes time, planning out and failure in work before anything positive will come. But once I realized I could complete these directives and make them work for my blog,I knew it was not impossible, and in fact Tide can very well be used with just about any random directive that was chosen. It’s all about how you go about your creative process and whether or not you are thinking outside of the box per say.

There were a great number of ideas that I originally wrote down and were never chosen to make the blog… here are some of my creations that never quiet made it 😦
IMG_1631  these guys are supposed to describe what Tide would be as a character once poured from the bottle
IMG_1484 a painting my buddy was working on at a show in all Tide colors and concentric circles sort of like the Tide logo design.
IMG_1194 some flowers from my backyard I was messing around with for ideas… spelling out Tide for a possible directive.
IMG_1175 this one is for Will…. a former Curiousness student, Melissa’s cat …Smokie
IMG_1130….. this was just a bad idea…when you mix water with several Tide pods…a huge mess ensues and I am not sure if Tide can handle cleaning it up either! SMH!
IMG_1106 was going to make a Tide swimming pool….but that never really worked out for me
IMG_1049 IMG_1054 was going to do a what’s wrong with this picture post? What is wrong with the picture?? Well this is taken at Radford “University” yea right lol…. but what’s wrong is that there is more Tide in this house than alcohol….they must stay clean…but I’m not sure about sober!
Your image is loading... this gif was a cool idea for an evil post

Post 52-Reflect

reflect > look back > determine > gather data > explain how things went

Throughout the course of my Project 54 blog, I have had this one specific place that I could call my “creative space”. Whenever I got stuck or was at a loss for ideas I took a break from my pen and paper, put all other thoughts and ideas aside and jumped right into my “STEAMIST 4000”- lovely steam shower. It is really amazing how well I was able to clear my mind and focus on the specific directives.
Here is my creative space:
IMG_1251 IMG_1255 IMG_1262

As the weeks moved forward and the post’s kept piling on, I caught myself thinking differently about being creative. I would look at things from a different perspective than I ever have in the past, which helped me add onto posts and expand them by furthering my ideas. I found myself using mind-mapping to help produce ideas often, which led to me writing a story with a specific scenario as well as adding some visuals to help create ideas and spark new ones.

When I got stuck, I would take a break, walk, go for a run, that would help my mind focus on other things which actually make me more creative when I returned to my pen and paper. Will gives the best advice when he say’s to begin your creative work for Curiousness with a pen and a piece of paper- that is the most useful way, for sure! I have become so concentrated and focused on the Tide brand that for the past few months I realized that I was thinking about it daily in some way, shape, form. Sometimes I would over think an idea wayyyyy too long and get stuck until I decided that the idea was acceptable; just get it done and stop the perfectionism/procrastination!!!

One thing that occurred to me over the semester was that getting the insights and feedback from another person about the overall idea and process put into the visuals helped me greatly. At the end of each week, I called my aunt Sammy, and 2 of my close friends so that I could hear some honest feedback that was both objective and helpful at the same time. It really never hurts to have an extra set of eyes review your work.