Post 49-Empathy: lending a hand

This post came from an idea I got during an in class creative exercise. Another thing I have caught myself doing is taking pictures things I see that catch my eye, and also just random around Richmond that I can possibly use for my Tide blog. In this case I just that and incorporated the brand Tide into the picture for the directive “Empathy”.

  • homeless person idea (was really an intelligent, viable person underneath his rugged appearance)

Recently, I have came across the same homeless man as I go to my classes down at VCU. He is in the same vicinity nearly whenever I pass by on Cary Street. I have even heard from a few VCU students that this particular homeless man has been in the area for the last few years. After I park my car and exit the parking deck, I walk straight across the street towards the Temple building. For same strange reason, I seem to ALWAYS find some loose change on the sidewalk. It may just be a few penny’s or even a $10 bill scrunched up on the sidewalk pavement. As soon as I find the change I mentally pat myself of the back and then I come to realize that these penny’s might not get me too far so I might as well give them to the homeless man who I always come across. (Just like the Tide brand-helping someone in a small but meaningful way, who knows maybe that will end up buying him a winning lottery ticket one day.) Oddly enough, one day last week I spotted him walking in the middle of the road on Cary Street. He just kept on walking, while avoiding all of the honking cars zooming around him. So of course I snapped a picture of it as it was happening. I couldn’t believe it; but it turns out that my friend Melissa, who took the Curiousness Barbie class see’s him do the same routine nearly every single day. Kinda sad, but also weird!

Every time I go to school and park in my deck off of Cary street, I give him my pocket change. In the past year of giving him pocket change, I have come to learn that there is a real person underneath the facade of homelessness. When I was home cleaning up my room cleaning out my closet, he came across my mind. We are of a similar size and instead of donating my clothes to Goodwill. Then a thought occurred to me. Even though I wasn’t prepared to get rid of clothes that I still wear, it suddenly occurred to me that some of my clothes would be appropriate to wear for a job interview. Maybe this could help him get off the street and get his life back on track. I came to the conclusion the clothes would be of much more benefit to him than to myself. So I threw in a can of shaving cream and a razor to assist the effort of getting him off the street and back to a normal appearance and lifestyle. I wanted to give him positive encouragement, so I even wrote down the name of an agency that helps bring homeless people back into the workforce.
IMG_1467  Do you see what I see?
IMG_1466     theres 2 shiny pennies

IMG_1468  walk a couple hundred feet….and that makes 3
IMG_1168 here is the homeless man I talk about in the post…just casually walking down Cary Street as if he was a car. Not really caring too much.


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