Post 48-Empathy: helping with broken down car



The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

The other day when I was driving back home from VCU, I saw a woman stopped in her car on the side of the highway. The one thing that caught my attention was that her car was pouring smoke out everywhere. I saw this woman with her little baby, she looked clueless and worried and seemed to be in a hurry. She had a small infant child with her as well as a bunch of fresh groceries she had just picked up from the store. Right then and there I had this whole inner dialogue as to whether or not I wanted to stop and take the time and effort to fix the dilemma. Since I’m a good samaritan, I knew I had to give a helping hand. Thats definition of the tide brand! I was in no rush at all and decided that I could lend a hand since I was with my friend Tony, who is an auto mechanic.

We pulled up behind her, on the emergency exit lane; introduced ourselves, and got to work under the hood. Within a few minutes of checking out her engine, Tony determined what was wrong. There was an oil leak that caused the engine to overheat and to start producing excess smoke. The oil was dripping from a cracked gasket that was right next to her starter. Tony wiped off all of the oil he could and got the situation under control so that she could get her car back on the road and to a nearby repair shop. She was definitely relieved, you could just hear it in her voice. Needless to say, the woman was extremely grateful and appreciative even while her infant child was screaming at the top of her lungs. She wanted to somehow repay us so she offered the melting strawberry ice-cream to us.The action that Tony and I took resembles the true meaning of the brand Tide because Tide cares about family and it deals with helping others in small and meaningful ways to improve ones life. If you do something for somebody the good deed will be returned for you.

car girl broken down/steaming car

IMG_1596 IMG_1605 IMG_1615 Tony the mechanic hard at work


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