Post 51-Empathy: don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Empathy> understanding> less fortunate> thoughts> emotions> real life example

I got this idea while in my creative hot spot AKA the Steam Master 3000 (shower).

This past week my creative space was infiltrated by….mexican painters. After living in my home in RVA for nearly 10 years now, it was about time to have things cleaned up and restored to it’s original condition. I have a fairly large house and I knew this job would involve me moving furniture and explaining what we wanted to get accomplished in the week timespan. So, I began to speak with one of the painters, his name was Elau. He knew some fragmented English, but it was good enough for me to understand, since I know some fragmented Spanish sentences. Elau and his crew of painters were all really nice, down to earth, hard ass workers. As I was speaking with Elau, he mentioned something that caught my attention. We were talking about how many girlfriends he had which was apparently 5 and one was a “white girl”. Maybe Andrew could learn from this guy. LOL. But then he mentioned how he loved to draw and paint freelance pictures. I was intrigued because he said he was enrolling in school to learn how to speak a different language, that being French. I told him he was in America but he just looked at me all confused…. most likely thinking, “what a crazy boy”. He was cool as hell, and my age so I could relate to the things he was telling me. I wanted to find out a little more about my new little amigo, so I asked him what his favorite food was. He responded really quick, “awww I love chicken, rice, beans, and anything spicy.” Then I thought to myself OK, well I know exactly what Tide would do in this situation! Did I give him some Tide Pods? Maybe a little bottle of Tide? HA-HA, HELL NO! I got him some Chipolte and my French to English dictionary. I put a smile on someone’s face who is less privileged than me which truly exemplifies the simple but meaningful improvements seen in the brand Tide.

Remember: It’s not about the product, it’s about the brand!IMG_1572  french to english dictionary IMG_1551  happy Elau IMG_1552 IMG_1542 painting IMG_1585 Chipolte and Dictionary


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