Post 47-Empathy: A walk in somebody else’s shoes

  • using a metaphor to try and understand how another person thinks.
  • walking in somebody else’s shoes is a great way to gain an understanding of empathy
            You are trying to convince somebody else to switch over to this brand when they are being very resistant. You urge them to give you their dirtiest things that they own. By getting someone to stand in your shoes, and being open minded to your ways of thinking. If you stand in someone else’s shoes you can gain insight into others ways of thinking. It makes you understand how they think and provides a new avenue of approach for them to pursue. People are fucking stubborn and tend to be set in their own ways. Standing in someone else’s shoes can help to break down our own limitations.
             People are always so used to doing something one way, that they stop being open to new or alternative ways of doing something. You convince someone that this laundry detergent is so effective, that they should try it because they have always been using this really cheap ass brand. When that person walks in your shoes, they actually realize the Tide brand is highly effective and in the long run, even though it may cost a little bit more (OR ALOT) they can use less of it per load which will save them more money. People are usually reluctant to spend money that exceed their typical budget. When you look at it from a different perspective you gain a much better appreciation for where the other person is coming from. Walking in another persons shoes really helps to expand our awareness, this in turn enables a person to gain insights which in turn can help one out in small and meaningful ways.
Below is a link to a video I created to show my thought process and the concept behind empathy… CLICK AND ENJOY! (only 54 seconds)

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