Post 45-None: trust few…nah trust NONE!

None- the amount of times I did laundry throughout high school.
I got this idea from class when we were told to write freely for 8 minutes. I got a main idea about Tide and then used none for the directive on a mind map, which led to this short story and example of how the Tide brand improves ones life in a meaningful way. I went back and edited it so I could post it…

I come from a very athletic family. I used to play baseball for Benedictine High School and my younger sister, Alissa, plays tennis at Trinity High School. The way that we are wired, nothing ever comes easy so we resort to doing whatever it takes to come out on top. Unfortunately for my mom, our hard work and determination also meant a lot more work to do such as scrubbing our clothes in a futile effort to get them even semi-clean. I made a habit of sliding into second base a lot because I had the mentality that getting dirty is part of the game and if your not getting dirty then your not giving your best efforts. This never failed to leave a bright orange streak of dirt all over my white Rawlings baseball pants. At the same time, Alissa would be grinding out a four hour marathon match, resulting in her uniform looking like it had just been thrown into a swamp. Between my baseball uniform and my sister’s tennis uniform, my mother was spending wayyyy too much time and energy in what we all knew were fruitless attempts to get our clothes clean to wear when we returned to play again the next day. Then she figured out that maybe there was an easier way to solve the problem than she could have ever imagined. It became her new favorite four letter word- “T-I-D-E”. Guess how much laundry I was doing? The correct answer is NONE! Saying that, I trust none else but my mother to take delicate care of my clothes.

Rather than scrubbing our uniforms until her fingers fell off with soap and other random name brand detergents, she can simply place one pod of detergent in the washing machine and within 45 minutes later our jerseys have the look that they did when we originally received them. Alissa doesn’t have to put on a sweat soaked shirt every time she plays a match, nor did I have to wear pants with a bright orange dirt streak. But thanks to Tide, we always started out our day with the freshest uniforms on the team. While we know we’re just going to get them dirty again, cleaning them is as simple as brushing your teeth, washing up and going to bed. Its effortless and gratifying to know that your clothes can be restored as good as new day in and day out. There is nothing I appreciate more than feeling good in the clothes that I wear. If you aren’t comfortable with your clothing in terms of how they look and feel upon being cleaned, then you might as well not wear them at all. (kinda weird, but true statement nonetheless).

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