Post 46-None: Tide BS Meter

None > zero > zilch > nada > no BS > meter

I got this idea from an applause meter that you see on many TV game shows. The applause meter gauges audience response, the louder the applause, the higher the meter reading. In today’s society, we have so many competing brands that claim to all be the best in their own unique ways. The truth of the matter is some brands are just flat out better than others in terms of what you are really getting for your money. We need more BS meters in the advertising industry because there are many brands that need to be weeded out as inferior due to the excessive amounts of BS they contain. This is somewhat similar to Will asking the class to raise our hands so he can gauge a reading of the specific question he asks.

There is a meter with a red needle. It ranges from 0 to 100. The concept behind the idea is a bullshit meter that gauges audience responses between the Tide brand and a generic brand. It determines which brand is the most authentic and pure, meaning there are no phosphates or enzymes, hence there are none. It reveals which brand has the least amount of potential irritant and rash causing substances. I put generic soap suds with extraneous ingredients on one side of the meter on the 100 end and the Tide brand on the side with 0. Over and over again they tested Tide and it rated a zero, which is…..GREAT! But don’t be fooled because a zero means the brand is 100% pure! Tide is the true heavy weight. This shows the real truth in advertising scale compared to the other brands on the market…the overwhelming response of people is that Tide is the real deal, and no BS is included.

Here is the Tide BS Meter:


Here is the applause meter reading a zero (none) for the Tide brand, which means Tide is the most authentic brand.



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