Post 51-Empathy: don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Empathy> understanding> less fortunate> thoughts> emotions> real life example

I got this idea while in my creative hot spot AKA the Steam Master 3000 (shower).

This past week my creative space was infiltrated by….mexican painters. After living in my home in RVA for nearly 10 years now, it was about time to have things cleaned up and restored to it’s original condition. I have a fairly large house and I knew this job would involve me moving furniture and explaining what we wanted to get accomplished in the week timespan. So, I began to speak with one of the painters, his name was Elau. He knew some fragmented English, but it was good enough for me to understand, since I know some fragmented Spanish sentences. Elau and his crew of painters were all really nice, down to earth, hard ass workers. As I was speaking with Elau, he mentioned something that caught my attention. We were talking about how many girlfriends he had which was apparently 5 and one was a “white girl”. Maybe Andrew could learn from this guy. LOL. But then he mentioned how he loved to draw and paint freelance pictures. I was intrigued because he said he was enrolling in school to learn how to speak a different language, that being French. I told him he was in America but he just looked at me all confused…. most likely thinking, “what a crazy boy”. He was cool as hell, and my age so I could relate to the things he was telling me. I wanted to find out a little more about my new little amigo, so I asked him what his favorite food was. He responded really quick, “awww I love chicken, rice, beans, and anything spicy.” Then I thought to myself OK, well I know exactly what Tide would do in this situation! Did I give him some Tide Pods? Maybe a little bottle of Tide? HA-HA, HELL NO! I got him some Chipolte and my French to English dictionary. I put a smile on someone’s face who is less privileged than me which truly exemplifies the simple but meaningful improvements seen in the brand Tide.

Remember: It’s not about the product, it’s about the brand!IMG_1572  french to english dictionary IMG_1551  happy Elau IMG_1552 IMG_1542 painting IMG_1585 Chipolte and Dictionary


Post 50-Empathy: giving assistance to a foreigner

Empathy has many different definitions. These definitions encompass a broad range, from caring for other people and having a desire to help them, to experiencing emotions that match another person’s emotions, to knowing what the other person is thinking or feeling, to blurring the line between self and other.

Just a few weeks ago I had some new neighbors move in next to me. I saw the moving truck several times over the course of the week and what I thought may be my potential new next-door neighbors. They were a younger couple with two young twin boys. I overheard them from my garage and could have sworn they were speaking in a different language. The husband quietly came over towards my garage and said “How are you doing, my name is Boris and my family and I just moved here from Belgium, Germany.” I was intrigued because my mom’s side of the family is originally from Germany and I just recently got a Volkswagen car, so this whole German thing was really happening for me. His English was scattered but definitely good enough for me to comprehend. We talked for a good while about the Richmond area and just random life things. They were anxious to become American citizen’s, everything from the food to household products thoroughly intrigued them. He mentioned that he needed all new cleaning supplies and other necessary household items, so I told him I would show him what the local Sam’s Club superstore had to offer. We went to Sam’s Club and at first I showed him different American food’s such as: pizza, hotdogs, hamburgers, etc. As we got near the detergent isle, I naturally started looking around for some Tide. I showed him Tide because thats what we use here in good ole America. I really just wanted to help out and be a good citizen and show them what America is really like compared to their homeland. This all ties in well with Tide because the brand focuses on family and this particular scenario I presented shows family values and meaningful improvements to ones life.
IMG_0683 typical American food….and my favorite IMG_0769  Nuggets…pretty AmericanIMG_0936 The new neighbor….Boris, oddly enough wearing my first creation for the Tide Project 54… the “Roll Tide Roll” hat.

Post 49-Empathy: lending a hand

This post came from an idea I got during an in class creative exercise. Another thing I have caught myself doing is taking pictures things I see that catch my eye, and also just random around Richmond that I can possibly use for my Tide blog. In this case I just that and incorporated the brand Tide into the picture for the directive “Empathy”.

  • homeless person idea (was really an intelligent, viable person underneath his rugged appearance)

Recently, I have came across the same homeless man as I go to my classes down at VCU. He is in the same vicinity nearly whenever I pass by on Cary Street. I have even heard from a few VCU students that this particular homeless man has been in the area for the last few years. After I park my car and exit the parking deck, I walk straight across the street towards the Temple building. For same strange reason, I seem to ALWAYS find some loose change on the sidewalk. It may just be a few penny’s or even a $10 bill scrunched up on the sidewalk pavement. As soon as I find the change I mentally pat myself of the back and then I come to realize that these penny’s might not get me too far so I might as well give them to the homeless man who I always come across. (Just like the Tide brand-helping someone in a small but meaningful way, who knows maybe that will end up buying him a winning lottery ticket one day.) Oddly enough, one day last week I spotted him walking in the middle of the road on Cary Street. He just kept on walking, while avoiding all of the honking cars zooming around him. So of course I snapped a picture of it as it was happening. I couldn’t believe it; but it turns out that my friend Melissa, who took the Curiousness Barbie class see’s him do the same routine nearly every single day. Kinda sad, but also weird!

Every time I go to school and park in my deck off of Cary street, I give him my pocket change. In the past year of giving him pocket change, I have come to learn that there is a real person underneath the facade of homelessness. When I was home cleaning up my room cleaning out my closet, he came across my mind. We are of a similar size and instead of donating my clothes to Goodwill. Then a thought occurred to me. Even though I wasn’t prepared to get rid of clothes that I still wear, it suddenly occurred to me that some of my clothes would be appropriate to wear for a job interview. Maybe this could help him get off the street and get his life back on track. I came to the conclusion the clothes would be of much more benefit to him than to myself. So I threw in a can of shaving cream and a razor to assist the effort of getting him off the street and back to a normal appearance and lifestyle. I wanted to give him positive encouragement, so I even wrote down the name of an agency that helps bring homeless people back into the workforce.
IMG_1467  Do you see what I see?
IMG_1466     theres 2 shiny pennies

IMG_1468  walk a couple hundred feet….and that makes 3
IMG_1168 here is the homeless man I talk about in the post…just casually walking down Cary Street as if he was a car. Not really caring too much.

Post 48-Empathy: helping with broken down car



The ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

The other day when I was driving back home from VCU, I saw a woman stopped in her car on the side of the highway. The one thing that caught my attention was that her car was pouring smoke out everywhere. I saw this woman with her little baby, she looked clueless and worried and seemed to be in a hurry. She had a small infant child with her as well as a bunch of fresh groceries she had just picked up from the store. Right then and there I had this whole inner dialogue as to whether or not I wanted to stop and take the time and effort to fix the dilemma. Since I’m a good samaritan, I knew I had to give a helping hand. Thats definition of the tide brand! I was in no rush at all and decided that I could lend a hand since I was with my friend Tony, who is an auto mechanic.

We pulled up behind her, on the emergency exit lane; introduced ourselves, and got to work under the hood. Within a few minutes of checking out her engine, Tony determined what was wrong. There was an oil leak that caused the engine to overheat and to start producing excess smoke. The oil was dripping from a cracked gasket that was right next to her starter. Tony wiped off all of the oil he could and got the situation under control so that she could get her car back on the road and to a nearby repair shop. She was definitely relieved, you could just hear it in her voice. Needless to say, the woman was extremely grateful and appreciative even while her infant child was screaming at the top of her lungs. She wanted to somehow repay us so she offered the melting strawberry ice-cream to us.The action that Tony and I took resembles the true meaning of the brand Tide because Tide cares about family and it deals with helping others in small and meaningful ways to improve ones life. If you do something for somebody the good deed will be returned for you.

car girl broken down/steaming car

IMG_1596 IMG_1605 IMG_1615 Tony the mechanic hard at work

Post 47-Empathy: A walk in somebody else’s shoes

  • using a metaphor to try and understand how another person thinks.
  • walking in somebody else’s shoes is a great way to gain an understanding of empathy
            You are trying to convince somebody else to switch over to this brand when they are being very resistant. You urge them to give you their dirtiest things that they own. By getting someone to stand in your shoes, and being open minded to your ways of thinking. If you stand in someone else’s shoes you can gain insight into others ways of thinking. It makes you understand how they think and provides a new avenue of approach for them to pursue. People are fucking stubborn and tend to be set in their own ways. Standing in someone else’s shoes can help to break down our own limitations.
             People are always so used to doing something one way, that they stop being open to new or alternative ways of doing something. You convince someone that this laundry detergent is so effective, that they should try it because they have always been using this really cheap ass brand. When that person walks in your shoes, they actually realize the Tide brand is highly effective and in the long run, even though it may cost a little bit more (OR ALOT) they can use less of it per load which will save them more money. People are usually reluctant to spend money that exceed their typical budget. When you look at it from a different perspective you gain a much better appreciation for where the other person is coming from. Walking in another persons shoes really helps to expand our awareness, this in turn enables a person to gain insights which in turn can help one out in small and meaningful ways.
Below is a link to a video I created to show my thought process and the concept behind empathy… CLICK AND ENJOY! (only 54 seconds)

Post 46-None: Tide BS Meter

None > zero > zilch > nada > no BS > meter

I got this idea from an applause meter that you see on many TV game shows. The applause meter gauges audience response, the louder the applause, the higher the meter reading. In today’s society, we have so many competing brands that claim to all be the best in their own unique ways. The truth of the matter is some brands are just flat out better than others in terms of what you are really getting for your money. We need more BS meters in the advertising industry because there are many brands that need to be weeded out as inferior due to the excessive amounts of BS they contain. This is somewhat similar to Will asking the class to raise our hands so he can gauge a reading of the specific question he asks.

There is a meter with a red needle. It ranges from 0 to 100. The concept behind the idea is a bullshit meter that gauges audience responses between the Tide brand and a generic brand. It determines which brand is the most authentic and pure, meaning there are no phosphates or enzymes, hence there are none. It reveals which brand has the least amount of potential irritant and rash causing substances. I put generic soap suds with extraneous ingredients on one side of the meter on the 100 end and the Tide brand on the side with 0. Over and over again they tested Tide and it rated a zero, which is…..GREAT! But don’t be fooled because a zero means the brand is 100% pure! Tide is the true heavy weight. This shows the real truth in advertising scale compared to the other brands on the market…the overwhelming response of people is that Tide is the real deal, and no BS is included.

Here is the Tide BS Meter:


Here is the applause meter reading a zero (none) for the Tide brand, which means Tide is the most authentic brand.


Post 45-None: trust few…nah trust NONE!

None- the amount of times I did laundry throughout high school.
I got this idea from class when we were told to write freely for 8 minutes. I got a main idea about Tide and then used none for the directive on a mind map, which led to this short story and example of how the Tide brand improves ones life in a meaningful way. I went back and edited it so I could post it…

I come from a very athletic family. I used to play baseball for Benedictine High School and my younger sister, Alissa, plays tennis at Trinity High School. The way that we are wired, nothing ever comes easy so we resort to doing whatever it takes to come out on top. Unfortunately for my mom, our hard work and determination also meant a lot more work to do such as scrubbing our clothes in a futile effort to get them even semi-clean. I made a habit of sliding into second base a lot because I had the mentality that getting dirty is part of the game and if your not getting dirty then your not giving your best efforts. This never failed to leave a bright orange streak of dirt all over my white Rawlings baseball pants. At the same time, Alissa would be grinding out a four hour marathon match, resulting in her uniform looking like it had just been thrown into a swamp. Between my baseball uniform and my sister’s tennis uniform, my mother was spending wayyyy too much time and energy in what we all knew were fruitless attempts to get our clothes clean to wear when we returned to play again the next day. Then she figured out that maybe there was an easier way to solve the problem than she could have ever imagined. It became her new favorite four letter word- “T-I-D-E”. Guess how much laundry I was doing? The correct answer is NONE! Saying that, I trust none else but my mother to take delicate care of my clothes.

Rather than scrubbing our uniforms until her fingers fell off with soap and other random name brand detergents, she can simply place one pod of detergent in the washing machine and within 45 minutes later our jerseys have the look that they did when we originally received them. Alissa doesn’t have to put on a sweat soaked shirt every time she plays a match, nor did I have to wear pants with a bright orange dirt streak. But thanks to Tide, we always started out our day with the freshest uniforms on the team. While we know we’re just going to get them dirty again, cleaning them is as simple as brushing your teeth, washing up and going to bed. Its effortless and gratifying to know that your clothes can be restored as good as new day in and day out. There is nothing I appreciate more than feeling good in the clothes that I wear. If you aren’t comfortable with your clothing in terms of how they look and feel upon being cleaned, then you might as well not wear them at all. (kinda weird, but true statement nonetheless).

Post 44-None: Ground Zero

None > gone > vanished > nothing> ground zero> starting spot> taking a negative> creating a positive

ground zero – original twin towers none… taking a huge negative and trying to do something positive with the situation…helping people in little ways everyday … the ultimate in turning a big tragedy into something positive…never allowing them to be forgotten with building a memorial for them and still remembering them to this day and forever.

Since I am originally from New York and all of my relatives still currently reside their, I always feel connected and up to date with whatever is occurring in the Big Apple. Recently, I visited my cousin who just moved into a new high-rise apartment building with UNREAL views right across from the new World Trade Center!  This is when I got the idea to do a post about “ground zero” for the Tide directive “none”. It actually was a positive post for me in that it brought back memories of when I lived in New York. I remember going down to the World Trade Center ground zero site and thinking to myself, how could this happen and thought how the building debris could ever possibly be cleaned up. Ground Zero resembles the Tide brand in many different ways, you just have to use your mind and think about it. Ground Zero is just like Tide because you have to start from the bottom and work your way up. You go from having nothing at all aka ground zero, and with the help from thousands, create a memorial pool set up for the victims affected in this tragedy. The teamwork and coordinating involved created small and meaningful improvements for victims, families, and the rescuers like the police, firefighters who risked their lives that September 11,2001.

Tide is incorporated with ground zero because you start at ground zero, the basics, aka Tide. The slate will never be wiped clean. It will always provoke a response in visitors and relatives who were killed there, just as Tide provokes a response in everybody through generations. The response that it illicits is one of comfort and memory. Very often of generations within the same family have used Tide. There is a comfort level between Tide and ground zero. When they see the site, they are comforted in the same ways because when they visit the site they see that their loved ones are being acknowledged and will never be forgotten. That is POWERFUL, just as Tide evokes a strong response in most of it’s users. Knowing that ones own grandmother or grandfather used this product is very comforting because it connects us to the good feelings about the people we loved even tho they might not be here anymore. Somethings don’t have to change to be better. Tide is Tide is Tide!

This is where I got my inspiration for this post and the idea to use with Tide for none. Here are some great views of the new Twin Tower being constructed across from my cousins apartment building. Go and visit New York City sometime if you haven’t already!
IMG_0475   IMG_0476 people look like ants from 30 stories up!
IMG_0488 wayyy up in the clouds
IMG_0498 lit up at night

Post 43-None: Feeling naked without Tide

None > absence > gone > empty > The Naked Truth

This is a story about how one feels naked when there is an absence of Tide in there life.
Note: Just wanted to say this easily took me 45 minutes to do. I have seen other students write out scenarios and I can see its evident they didn’t just pull something off the top of their head just by reading through details in their work…Here you go, Enjoy!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Masterpieces as painted by the incomparable Leonardo Da Vinci, depicted the beauty of the naked form. The absence of clothing represents a person’s true form. To be without clothes allows you to be free and true to yourself. It is an expression of yourself as an artist, a freedom to be without, to be unemcumbered. You choose not to hide under your veil of clothing. Do clothes make the person? Or does the person make the clothes? Do we wear what we are comfortable in or not? Paparazzi hound celebrities and comment on who and what they are wearing, which designer, style and color. Whether it’s a twenty dollar tee shirt or a thousand dollar suit, what you wear becomes who you are, your identity, your trademark.

When one has no Tide left the feeling is as if you are naked. That gentle and satisfying sensation is no longer present with the absence of Tide. Instead of making simple but meaningful progress in ones life, you make awful decisions and slowly begin to digress from all social norms. You arrive on the job and look like complete shit. Your suit is all stained from messy BBQ sauce, your tie and pants look like they have been crumpled up inside of an accordion. Bottom line, you are a total fucking mess and you just might as well not wear any clothes at all! You come to the realization that your life has gone downhill without Tide. The good ole days with Tide are ones that you recall to be the most cherishing. You see that all of the good times; the parties, the friends you have made, and the goals that you accomplished were appreciated so much more with the brand Tide. As the saying goes, “You don’t realize what you have until it’s gone!”

The look when there is NONE LEFT!

IMG_1192  IMG_1094

Post 42-None: Tide Zero

None > no additives > no bologna> nothing > organic > natural > zero crap

I decided to get innovative and create a new product that fits the Tide brand very well. I got this idea from my friend who constantly drinks Coke Zero like a fiend. She drinks Coke Zero because she says it tastes different and doesn’t have any sugar or blah blah…ya a bunch of bullshit if you ask me. Anyways I have lived a natural and organic lifestyle ever since I can remember. Every time my friends come over they always go to my pantry and just look at me and say “dude seriously, what the FUCK is this organic shit”. I would just laugh and say ahhh its good for ya man it doesn’t have the preservatives and garbage that does harm to your body. There are so many additives in a multitude of products these days. The eye rolls and mean mugging ensued. My parents always stressed eating and purchasing items that were from “natural” health stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

The word “natural” and “organic” has definitely been altered greatly these days and not just within foods. Detergents and beauty products these days have so many different phosphates and enzymes that cause major skin irritation which is really uncomfortable. So many people have allergic reactions these days, but its so difficult to identify the source of the problem because the ingredients are hidden and not advertised whether laundry detergent or even soda. Its not only what you put in your body, but what you put on your body. Whether it be a toddler, small child, or even your little old grandma you can ensure that no skin irritations will occur when using Tide Zero! Im coming from an organic point of view and I equate Tide Zero with 32oz of pure unadulterated goodness.

Sidenote: I created this Tide Zero idea while in my favorite creative spot (steam shower).
Warning: Tide Zero does not include itching, scratching, irritation
Here is Tide Zero in a 12 oz can and 24oz bottle:
photo  photo-1