Post 26-No Directive: Collage

For this post I decided to go through a bunch of different magazines in search of activities people do throughout their day. I went through a handful of magazines (about 6), before finding anything that was pertinent for this topic. By activities, I’m referring to eating, getting ready for school, physical activity and of course sleep which is one of the most important things in life, I have come to realize. It might not look like this took 45 minutes, but the process and effort put into the idea did take me a while to do. Tide has a bearing on all of these daily activities and whether or not people realize it does help them in small, yet simple ways. That is the point though!

In every day of your life, you do a hundred things. It is a super sized fantastic hectic pace that we as a human race enjoy. Everything we do, from waking up in the morning to going to work, school or play, is an experience. You want to make sure you meet those challenges while looking your best, whether that is in the boardroom, classroom or on the playing fields. Unfortunately, a major part of life is that accidents do happen. Your friend could spill grape juice on your pants, leaving an ugly dark purple stain, or you could drop barbecue sauce on your shirt to create an unappealing dark brown blob. Nobody is perfect; accidents happen, that is just part of life. This should not get you down because you should spend your time doing what is important and leave the tedious task of laundry to the professionals. The good news is, there are professionals who take care of the accidents that you are bound to walk into in your every day life so that you are free to enjoy every moment of your day. Chores like laundry should require minimal effort to save strength for the more important things. Therefore, Tide is the best there is at taking the unnecessary effort out of laundry. It helps us feel great, look great and keeps our lives simple. “Tide has you covered.”

Tide gives you the freedom and confidence to know that your favorite outfits will stay looking brand new for a much longer duration of time. The curve balls of life have met a fearsome power hitter in Tide. It improves our lives in small ways with its superior cleaning power. Looking fresh and clean is of paramount importance in today’s society. Why not make it easier with Tide, the brand where families enjoy all of life’s pleasures knowing they can trust Tide to help keep them looking their best.

My Collage:

IMG_1298      IMG_1295



Post 25-No Directive:Bad Day Turned Good with a little help from Tide: A Real Life Scenario

This is a original 30 line poem that involved me driving to VCU one morning. They say that accidents happen right around the corner from where you live…and I would have to say that is an accurate statement. A truck made an illegal U-turn on an authorized median on the highway causing the two cars in front of me to slam on their brakes, and so I did the same. I was not going to mention this part to anyone but… as the State Trooper (no joke literally Farva from SuperTroopers- liter of Cola and all) arrived on the scene he could not help but state the fact that a Toyota PRIUS had done all of this damage to my vehicle (a Camry), and he proceeded to smirk at me a little as he was just trying to lighten up the atmosphere. When you read this, try and imagine the scene that I depict and see if you can visualize the events that occurred. 

I wake up in the morning still tired and yawning
So I made a cup of coffee and get my mind performing
I have been up all night studying and finally fall asleep at 4am
Now thats what happens when you are college student with a sleep problem
9am approaches and Im headed to school
For I have an Econ exam that I must do
I throw on my favorite jeans and most comfortable tee-shirt 
Head out the door to go put in some work
Once I step outside and look up into the sky 
I realize the air is different and spring has just arrived 
It was peaceful out the birds were chirping and the wind was blowing
But knowing Virginia within the next week it will be 30° and snowing 
While driving on the highway I realized something that just didn’t seem right
I could sense something was wrong with my 20/20 sight 
Cars were slowing down and coming to an abrupt stop
So I did the same while watching out for the cop
All of the sudden a truck pulled off of the highway 
For no other reason then there was an upcoming toll to pay
Out of NOWHERE I had gotten nailed from the back
Faster than Hussein Bolt running on a track
That fucker literally came out of nowhere and that is no joke
My car was nailed like the back of a porn stars throat
I felt my heartbeat to make sure that I did in fact survive
All jokes aside I was just lucky to still be alive
My center console got crushed and coffee spilled all over the place
Then I realized my favorite shirt and jeans were drenched from the coffee and blood that dripped from my face
Not only was my car absolutely crushed and smothered 
Now my favorite clothes we’re completely covered 
After my mom had arrived at the scene
She said don’t even worry Tide will get you all clean
Well… is the damage (totaled)…..I really love women….just not particularly their driving (no offense girls).
IMG_1132         IMG_1133
here is the new fresh whip: look at me now little Geico lizard, that insurance check sure made me happy and improved my day in a huge and meaningful way just like the brand Tide! (that woman must have paid thru the nose, oh well!)
Sidenote: We do so much in our busy lives and when unexpected things occur we must be confident that we can do those things. You are going to mess up plenty during your life and have little to no control over that at all. Trust me! You can get beat down, nearly killed and still look and feel great thanks to Tide. 

Post 24-No Directive: A Menace named Dennis

I decided that with this post I was going to switch it up a little and go ahead and write a funny story. The story takes place in the 90’s and is about a little kid named Dennis who could not keep his clothes on because they were always dirty and therefore did not satisfy little Dennis. I wanted to stay connected to the Tide brand within the post and depict the story to the reader in unique, yet satirical plot…. Enjoy! But before you read, ill introduce you to the Menace himself: IMG_1232 (I took this picture in my kitchen, haha)
              There is a town that many native Long Islanders are fond of. This town is my hometown named Port Washington. In this town lives a little boy named Dennis. Dennis can best be described as a roller coaster on steroids, and curiosity is his middle name. He goes through his house like a hurricane on caffeine. The kid literally will not sit still, you would think that he accidentally found a prescription of adderall and ate then entire bottle as if it was candy. His house is the typical suburban dream home with a white picket fence and a big backyard filled with a jungle gym and all of the toys a 9 year old could ever fathom. Dennis has every toy and game but still insists on exploring all of his parents’ possessions as he constantly tears up the house and backyard. Dennis definitely has a favorite toy, and that is his Huffy Kids bicycle. His bicycle provides him with hours of exploration in the neighborhood, the woods, and down by the creek with his friends. There is just one major dilemma here, and that is Dennis always leaves the house butt ass naked! This was becoming a tremendous problem for his parents who were constantly being reprimanded by the neighbors for his nudity in public and particularly for Dennis, whose poor little bottom was chaffed from riding his bicycle bare assed.
Dennis refuses to keep his clothes on due to the fact that they are always covered in some type of mess. When I say covered I mean it looks like Dennis dove into a landfill as if it was a swimming pool. In fact, his clothes are always so filthy that they actually stand stiff in the corner of his bedroom which is the spot he always removes them.
          One morning Dennis’ mother answered the door, it was her lovely next door neighbor named Mary. Mary is a woman who was widowed, had grown two kids and spent most of her time doing things around her house and occupying her favorite two golden retrievers. It was very obvious that she was beyond attractive and could be described as what most guys call a good looking older women, a “MILF”. She had always questioned why Dennis was running around in the yard, especially without any clothes on. She explained that his clothes were stiff, dirty, and uncomfortable hence that is why he just takes them off and throws them into the corner of his room. She would say things like, “well don’t you know that is pretty dangerous, I mean there are ticks and snakes out in the yard”. Dennis’ mother replied by saying, “Oh Mary, of course we know all about Dennis and his naked habits, but we have tried everything and he just won’t seem to stay clothed.” Mary said that she had been using this amazing cleaner for the past couple of years. She mentioned how it was incredibly useful and easy at the same time. It made tough stains vanish, but was gentle enough on the fabric leaving it soft to the touch.  Dennis’s mother became so intrigued her eyes lit up with excitement as she wanted to know what she could possibly be talking about. The next morning Mary came over with a box that was covered in wrapping paper. Mary sarcastically said, “I have a gift for you guys, and this one is on me please don’t even worry about it!” His mother thanked Mary repeatedly, and then tore off the wrapping paper to unveil what the gift was. Within seconds she could see nothing but orange, yellow, and blue and the letters T-I-D-E written on the box. Mary explained that all she had to do was use some of this Tide when Dennis was asleep and there would be a guarantee that he would begin to wear his clothes again. So his mother agreed to try this and the next day when Dennis woke up he was so confused. His clothes weren’t stiff and soiled in the filth he was became accustomed to. In fact, without hesitation he grabbed a fresh pair of underwear, socks, pants and t-shirt and went outside to go play like he always had. It was a basically a miracle, Dennis started to wear his clothes again, and as a consequence there was no bare ass cheeked boy wondering around outside anymore. This truly helped out Dennis and his parents because all of his neighbors that were always complaining and scolding him for being naked, were simply were stunned and beyond grateful that Dennis’s family found a solution to their problem.

Post 23-No Directive: Operation Iraqi Tide

As I was cleaning through my attic, I found some of my old toys from wayyyy back in the day. I came across a few of my old toy airplanes that I used to be overly obsessed with. While doing Project 54, I have found myself trying to incorporate daily things that I see and use with my ideas for Tide. Well this is one of those idea where I got hands on and created a scene to portray my idea.

Imagine a B-52 fighter jet soaring through the sky. This fight jet is headed to Iraq for a top secret mission that will be carried out at the dusk of dawn. The operation consists of United States soldiers dropping off crates of Tide onto Iraqi soil. When the soldiers drop these huge crates of Tide supplies to the Iraqi people, at first they are scared and not too sure what to expect. When they realize that these crates of Tide supplies are actually Tide and not some highly explosive package, they become a less tense and more curious as to what is inside the box. The whole point of the mission is to show these people that America really isn’t that bad at all and we just want to help out in small but meaningful ways in order to alleviate some of the hectic lifestyle people have been accustomed to living. When the Iraqi people open the Tide packages, they come to realize that these American soldiers really aren’t there to harm them or invade there land but rather they see the Tide as an offering of peace. Not only does Tide clean clothes, but it improves one’s lifestyle and day in small yet meaningful ways time and time again.
Tide- International laundry detergent and solution for the world’s most messy problems-

Here is the process for creating the scenario:

IMG_1200 getting creative with what I have


IMG_1203 IMG_1204 B-52 planes dropping Tide IMG_1205 IMG_1211 IMG_1213 about to
drop Tide packages  clean and happy Iraqi citizens!
Ultimate happiness achieved

Post 22-No directive: Tide Pod Dispenser on college campuses

For this particular post I thought about working on an innovation related with the Tide brand that could actually be created with ease and make peoples lives just a little bit better. I decided to create a Tide Pod dispenser that would be located on college campuses but specifically @ VCU in this case. I thought that this was a unique idea in terms of what is already out there on the market. When I was drafting out the specifics of the dispenser, I came up with the idea to spread them all across campus at the major facilities such as the commons, major academic buildings, and even on sidewalks. The concept behind the dispenser is the idea to have a low cost dispenser that accepts change (25 cents) as well as a new technology known as “Intuit” which is a “on the go” credit card system that allows people to make purchases through mobil devices. The most important thing is to keep the cost of the individual pod to a minimum because as well all know college students are lacking in the funds department as it is. It would help people get there laundry done and is easily accessible and convenient for people who live on campus.

Here is what my creation looks like:
It is simple, just insert a quarter or swipe your credit card, turn the knob (same as a gumball machine), and Tide Pod slides down right into your hand!

IMG_1274    IMG_1279   IMG_1286

IMG_1281   IMG_1288   IMG_1280   IMG_1283 IMG_1290

Post 21-Soul: Tide and washing machine are true soulmates

Soul > soulmate > friendship > peace > happiness
soulmate (or soul mate) is a person with whom one has a feeling of deep or natural affinity, similarity, love, sex, intimacy, sexuality, spirituality, or compatibility . As this connection develops over time, you experience a love so deep, strong and complex, that you begin to doubt that you have ever truly loved anyone prior. Your soulmate understands and connects with you in every way and on every level, which brings a sense of peace, calmness and happiness when you are around them.

While I was thinking of ideas for the term “soul” I had 4 good ideas written down. One was branching off of the word soul itself as an extension you could say. I was trying to think outside of the box and came up with “soulmate”. I know that Will had mentioned in class that he did not want any Tide pods, products etc. with arms or faces even though they were really “cute” lol…anyways for this particular post, I depicted a drawing of a Tide bottle that is hugging a washing machine because they are soulmates. I feel as if this is different then personifying Tide as a person and giving it arms…that is not the point here, but the point and idea is that Tide and the washing machine have a relationship that is so close that they rely upon themselves in order to get the task of laundry done. In return this benefits families by helping them maintain clean clothes which is a very pleasing thing.

Tide and the washing machine AKA SOULMATES

Post 20-Soul: Devil Reclaims Soul

Soul> body> life> spirit> mortal> incarnation> heaven> hell

This was the post that I had a hard time figuring out how I could portray what I wanted to do. I had this thought that Soul deals with the mind, body, and afterlife. Then this thought led to something else and I imagined well what happens to the body after our time on earth is over. I suppose we can either go to heaven or straight to hell. So this is where I got the idea to do something with the devil and Jesus while of course incorporating Tide into the mix. I envisioned the devil coming to terms with all of the evil and wrongdoings that he is what people are accustomed to think about when they hear the term “devil”.

So I wanted to use Tide as a medium and have the devil “reclaim his soul” by having some Tide poured on him. As the Tide begins to drench his physical body, his soul is altered forever! When the Tide soaks in, his soul is cleansed and he reappears as the most holy figure Jesus! Its is incredible what the mind can do when thinking outside of the box instead of just keeping things simple all of the time.

I created this scene right in my kitchen. I had to decorate these toy dolls and get them into proper uniforms which did take a good 25 minutes to organize and put everything together. I have never made a “gif” video before so I had to learn that and make it run somewhat smoothly.
The gif starts off as a devil, until I pour some Tide onto the devil and he reclaims his soul and is now Jesus.
Here it is!

Your image is loading...

Post 19-Soul Music:Dirty Work- A Unique rap by the ChaunceMaster

I put work into this, while trying to stay focused on the brand and of course having fun at the same time duh!….best rap for this blog yet…killed it
Uh-huhhh you know what it is
Its a dirty job but somebody’s gotta take care of the this
I see you working hard but theres no need to stress
getting Philthy so of course you need a solution for the mess
Verse 1
My detergent is far from average
Don’t believe then go and check the stats list
If you have an accident please don’t panic
My Tide pen is on top of it’s game just like VCU Havoc
Erasing stains from your fabric you can call that magic
Verse 2
No more twisting and turning for me
ALL of my clothes straight fresh homie
Holding it down for Proctor and G
Soooo much money off of Tide ohhh baby
Verse 3
I wake up to the smell of fresh cleaned sheets
Turn around and see a chick with some perfect cheeks
When you stay clean that will come naturally
I kick a stains ass just like Bruce Lee
But people want to steal Tide and fuck up the economy
Just because its at the top of the food chain in its own league
The truth is these other brands really cant compete
Because Tide has been around just as long as your granny
Verse 4
Always on point like a bulls eye
Just promise me you won’t sell me to go get high
Scientifically proven to work you can call that Bill Nye
It is made to help people in small and meaningful ways thats no lie
Verse 5
I had the munchies so I was going hard on the Sriracha
Spilled some on my pants and started laughing like HA-HA
So I grab my buddy Tide and watch that stain vanish like TAH-DA
I pull up on the scene with my Tide pen
tell that lame stain you don’t want a fucking problem
Thanks to Tide my partner in crime like Batman and Robbin
 Verse 6
They say that Tide is just too pricey
Well what do you expect to get clean for free
If you think so your out of your mind yeah just slightly
Been here since about 1950 so I’m a true OG
Not going anywhere except on your dirty laundry
Me jamming to some music with my Dre Beats on

Post 18-Soul- King Tide stays clean in the afterlife

When I began thinking about “soul” I kept coming back to the mind, body and what happens to each of those in the afterlife. For some reason I kept thinking of soul in terms of Egyptian mummies that were buried in tombs. SO, I came up with this idea to create a King of Tide mummy that was buried with Tide products in this case (Pods) in order to the cleanest in the afterlife.

Imagine being the King of Tide and when you became conscious in your afterlife, you were drenched from all of the aftermath of the ongoing hard labor, intense battles, and the bloodshed experienced when trying to secure your sacred personal possessions. Having some Tide by your side can only help in very small but meaningful ways. This process did in fact take 45 minutes to do and required some good physical activity and enjoying the outdoors while doing so. All of the materials I found were laying around my house in one way or the other and the site of King Tides tomb was located right behind my neighborhood in a historic civil war site known as the “Midlothian Coal Mines” but we will just call that Egypt for now.

Ladies and Gents I now present to you the excavation of King Of Tide (2494-2345 BC):

IMG_1111       IMG_1119   IMG_1113      IMG_1115
IMG_1116     IMG_1117 IMG_1127    IMG_1129

Post 17-Axiom-Philthy Kids Stay Clean With Tide

Philthy Kids Meet Tide…. 
Things are about to get a little bit Philthy!


About a year ago a good friend of mine named Ross who is from Richmond, VA started up a clothing line called Philthy Kids. This clothing line is geared towards high school and college aged students. The ph in philthy kids comes from his love of anything and everything to do with his hometown Philadelphia. He is pushing to be one of the new up and coming brands to come out of Richmond. Philthy Kids brings together the fun and style of being a kid with the hard work and grind of everyday life. Growing up we were always getting philthy in the neighborhood whether we were playing football, skateboarding, shooting paintball guns, or going on adventures in the woods.

Philthy- A word that means cool,fly,phat,or dope.
Usually used when you see something really really cool.
Kids- referring to your crew, friends, homies, partners in crime.
The slogan for the company is: Stay Classy. Get Philthy!

The clothing line has different shirts, tank tops, beanies, crew necks, and hoodies. Ross, myself and a group of guys from the Richmond area go around to different music events, live shows, and festivals where we set up vending tables and put all of the designs on display. Prior to marketing any of the clothing line, there is a special process that takes place. Ross actually makes all of his designs with a printing screen and a wide variety of colors and templates to choose from. He orders the shirts and hoodies, etc in bulk from companies like Hanes, and Fruit of The Loom. When the packages arrive the shirts smell like they have been drenched in plastic and are almost stiff from sitting in a warehouse for god knows how long. The first thing that we do is take everything out of the plastic packaging and do massive loads of laundry. At first Ross wanted to take the cheap route and use his own mixture of soaps from the dollar store, like (typical college kids). We all agreed that this did in fact clean the clothes and make them seem fresh, but it really was a hassle to mix up the soap in buckets and the whole nine yards basically like a scientist. I suggested that we just spend the money and get Tide Pods in bulk. Since Ross was getting all worked up over going to the store buying soaps and making a mess, he gave in and bought the Pods in bulk. All we do is separate the different color clothes, throw in two Pods at a time and go on with the rest of our day without stressing and messing with that crappy dollar store brand soap. We wash about 50 shirts 30 beanies and 20 hoodies in a day, and he was simply amazed at how easy it was to multi-task and get all of the cleaning done without even thinking about it.
Here is some of the clothing:
IMG_1632                                          IMG_1170        IMG_1169


300  (the best)  175