Post 15-Axiom- Tides IN, Dirts OUT

Imagine being at a beach resort and you are staying their for a week long vacation. There are piles of dirty clothes just waiting to be cleaned. While you are on the beach there is a sudden shift in weather. Suddenly gigantic waves are crashing upon the shore line. Before you know it in the distance you can see  the beginnings of a tidal wave! But this is no average tidal wave at all. It is a Tide-al wave of fresh ocean-scented Tide detergent. When the Tide comes IN, the clothes are thoroughly cleaned, and when the Tide retrieves, the dirt is OUT and the clothes are left folded and looking and smelling as clean as new!
Here is a Diorama of the Tide-al wave…with the dirty clothes before the tide comes in and after when the Tide Pods clean up the mess.


IMG_0771     Dirt on Clothes with the Tide OUT

IMG_0772    Tide (Pods) comes IN to clean up the stained clothing

IMG_0773   Tide IN all the clothes are clean and restored fresh as new


Post 14-Axiom- Tide Works Wonders

Are you ever worried about receiving your report card and getting all F’s? If you know you did not try your hardest then believe me it will show! Don’t ever panic about showing your parents those sorry ass grades, just throw your report card in the washing machine with a few Tide Pods and watch your grades transform from straight F’s to ALL A’s!

Here is the thought process behind the idea: ENJOY!

IMG_0964 IMG_0965 IMG_0966 IMG_0971 IMG_0975  Add some Tide pods with report cardIMG_0976 Begin transformation!IMG_0977  Enter…IMG_0978 well the laundry is all done….IMG_0979  It worked! Success!IMG_0982 ALL A’s

Post 13-Cognitive- Tide Slides and Ladders Board Game

When I originally started mind mapping for the directive “Cognitive”, I kept coming back to the idea of memory, visualization, and awareness. I looked around my house and found a couple of board games and thought it would be perfect to create my own, incorporating Tide into it. The board game Tide Slides and Ladders is a memory game with the objective of staying on task and keeping clean while doing so. You start off in box 1, which is a pool of blue Tide detergent. Every time you choose another task you must complete it and remember that you must stay clean as well. There are obstacles that can make you dirty such as cutting the grass, gardening, and cooking. Every time you  reach one of these obstacles and fail to stay clean you must return to the pool of Tide and cleanse yourself. The player who stays the cleanest with Tide is the winner!

A little mind mapping to stir some ideas:

Finished game:

Post 12-Axiom- Practice Makes Perfect

Athletes learn by practicing their sport over and over again until they become proficient at it. For example, a basketball player will have practiced thousands of shots and plays in high school and college before he gets to the NBA. While you are perfecting your craft or skill by hard work, Tide does it’s job by being the best at what it does; simply cleaning all of the smelly and sweaty basketball uniforms over the years with a powerful formula that leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean without harming the fabric. There is nothing to it! Just throw the pile of dirty clothes into the wash add some Tide and go enjoy the rest of your day without worrying about the hassle of getting that big load of laundry done.


A few of my close friends from high school in Richmond play collegiate baseball at VMI and Longwood and understand that keeping their uniforms and 20 pairs of Jordans clean and up to par is a necessity! I told them I was doing a project on Tide for an awesome class at VCU and they said, “Dude, we use Tide all the damn time”. I replied, “What, no wayyy that is some top notch stuff, you must really like how effectively it cleans”. They agreed that with me that Tide even helped clean their shoes and make them look as if they were new and just taken out of the shoebox. They put their Jordans and uniforms in the wash and use Tide because it comes in a large size bottle that is suitable for all 3 of the roommates who live together. Each of them would take turns doing the laundry during the week and have no problem doing so because they are happy with the results they get each and every time.

IMG_1157     tons of Jordans after being cleaned with TideIMG_1101    bottles of Tide kept in high supplyIMG_1162 my friend’s baseball jersey, perfectly restored and clean as new

Post 11-Cognitive- OCD dirty clothes

I sat down and could not think of any ways to incorporate cognitive with Tide, so I started mind-mapping and slowly getting ideas. I initially started with words like visualization, thinking, and perception…IMG_0918then it lead to more words branched off from these words and I knew the direction in which I was headed. I thought it would be perfect to have a scenario where a person has to see a therapist due to their OCD over dirty clothes.

OCD patients with washing compulsions worry about becoming contaminated and often describe contaminated objects as being “disgusting”. OCD is a disorder with the compulsion to do a task over and over again. These people can never be too clean because they worry a critical spot may be missed. THIS IS ALL MENTAL!

For this scenario I had a person with OCD in the therapist’s office. Their trigger is that nothing is ever clean enough. They wash their clothes 50 times with some generic store brand detergent. The doctor suggests TIDE because it is so effective there is not a spot, stain, or smudge to be seen.

Not only does Tide clean clothes, it improves lives! Literally!

Here is the picture I drew for the cognitive visual…


Post 10-Cognitive- Just let your mind do the thinking

What the 3 Tide colors truly represent: a look into what yellow, orange, and blue make us think of and assimilate with.

For retailers shopping is the art of persuasion, though there are many factors that influence how and what consumers buy. However, a great deal is decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being color. When marketing new products it is crucial that consumers place visual appearance and color above other factors such as sound, smell and texture. Color is definitely the number one factor when designers determine packaging design. Color sends subliminal messages to people and most of us react similarly to the same colors.

The first thing that pops in my mind when visualizing the brand Tide is the shape and design of the logo as well as the 3 distinct colors.

The three colors of Tide: yellow, orange, and blue all have some major characteristics in that they give off energy.
For instance:
1)  Yellow is the color of sunshine. It is associated with warmth, happiness, intellect and energy. Yellow arouses cheerfulness and stimulates mental activity. Yellow is also associated with food. Yellow is a bright and truly vibrant color, and is used in many instances to attract attention towards a particular design. 

2) Orange is a combination of the energy from red and the happiness from yellow. Orange represents energy, creativity, and attraction. It stimulates appetite. Orange has very high visibility, so you can use it to catch attention and highlight the most important elements of your design. As a citrus color, orange is associated with healthy food and stimulates appetite. Orange is the color of fall and harvest. In heraldry, orange is symbolic of strength and endurance.

3) Blue is the color of the sky and sea and is considered to be beneficial to the mind and body. Blue is associated with tranquility and calmness. You can use blue to promote products and services related to cleanliness (air , sky, water, sea, water purification, and cleaning liquids AKA TIDE). Unlike warm colors like red, blue is linked to consciousness and intellect. Blue can create high-impact, vibrant designs and when combined with yellow and red is the perfect scheme for a superhero. In this case, when you combine yellow, orange and blue together you get super good results when cleaning with Tide.

After examining these 3 colors, I was able to understand some of the possible meanings behind this logo and why they were related to the brand Tide itself. Yellow and orange are both associated with food. What happens when people drop food or spill something on their clothes?….they get a stain…and what do they need for that stain you might ask?? Hmmmm…maybe Tide?! Blue is associated with water and cleanliness. It just so happens that water is the main component you mix with Tide detergent in order to get your clothes clean! Now that makes perfect sense.

yellow 1 plus-signorangeplus-signBlue square small

small tide logo

Post 9-Emotion- Tide Poem

I sat down and thought of different times when I was faced with a dilemma and actually needed Tide for a quick remedy. I wanted to take a different approach to this group of posts and write a poem about how Tide made me feel throughout the course of a day. At first it took me a while to think of words that would rhyme, and after a while my thoughts were able to flow more clearly. I had fun while doing this post. Here is a 25 line poem by the Chaunce Master himself, enjoy!

I wake up in the morning and already know the deal
Head down to the laundry room and pop that orange seal
Already showered and already shaved
Throw my fresh clothes on and start off my day
Ballin like Havoc while weaving through traffic
I spilled some coffee on my pants
So I grab my mini Tide pen and erase it like magic
Im using this Tide just to clean off my jeans
Unlike the people who steal it and turn into fiends
Now there might be a slight stain
That looks like I got some good brain if ya know what Im sayin
But it’s all good because I use Tide and not Gain
That fresh gentle scent all on my clothes
Keeps my mind relaxed and tickles my nose
I go on with my day and keep myself cool
Because I have my Tide pen so I am no fool
I get to school and everywhere I look there are a bunch of dimes
No not the currency just some blondes with big ole behinds
My friend Ashley came over and started asking questions like I was some test
When all I could say was Tide is the best
She laughed and said Marc do you like my dress?
I said yea it’s alright but your ass is mess
As she looked all confused she asked what I meant
So I replied

Post 8-Emotion- upset/angry

If you have ever had a pet then this post pertains to you. After having had a dog for more than 10 years, I personally know that they can be man’s best friend while still finding ways to anger you. I cannot recall how many times I have gone back to my house to find chewed up toys, chewed household items, and “accidents” in the strangest places. Even when pets have been trained and given the proper attention, they are still capable of destruction and in this case, destroying the carpet. There is not a whole lot more disgusting and angering then walking through your front door just to find a pile of poop right before your eyes. This happens to be one of the most spiteful things pets will do to their owners. These stains are some of the toughest to remove if not done immediately especially when they are on carpets and delicate fabrics. The smells and odors are just gross and it’s very obvious when your pet is acting shy and timid, that they know they have done something wrong. I knew I had to find a solution to this problem. Why not create a Tide Sponge loaded with a deep penetrating powerful formula to clean and remove stains, while leaving the carpet smelling fresh and as if a nasty load of poop was never there!

I decided to create a Tide Sponge as well as a cartoon diagram of a person scolding their dog after it just took a nasty poop on the carpet. Both the owner and the pet show emotions that I myself have experienced in the past. The Tide Sponge comes to the rescue and erases the stain and awful smell that is left behind from the dog and after the owner realizes that everything will be okay, he returns to his normal joyous self and the dog is once again man’s best friend.

Will suggests using a pen and piece of paper when you need to come up with Tideas (idea’s about Tide), and since I am no artist I made a rough sketch of what I intended to draw up… here it is!

IMG_0882   IMG_0874

IMG_0898 IMG_0613 here is my neighbor’s puppy….he is what inspired me to do this idea for the post.

Post 7-Emotion- disgusted

Imagine you are a hands-on physical laborer and you are always getting dirty with oil and grease from car parts and machinery. This would best describe my friend Tony, who is a mechanic at Peterbilt Trucking Company. Tony has the pleasure of changing the oil on huge 18 wheeler trucks as well as lubing the wheel wells on these heavy duty trucks. When you change oil and work in a garage you become absolutely plastered with dirt, grime, grease and oil! Picture all of your clothes completely covered in this crap. Well my friend Tony does this day in and day out at his job and even at his own garage at home. I have NEVER seen someone with such dirty hands, fingers, fingernails, whatever, you name it. Everyday after work Tony comes home and heads straight towards his garage sink where he meets his best friends, a bucket of hot soapy water mixed with a cap of Tide detergent and this product called GoJo which is basically a orange scented hand lotion that helps with rough skin. Tony cleans his disgusting fingernails and hands with this mixture because he is obsessed with the scent and effective cleaning power of Tide. He then proceeds to wash his work clothes with Tide Pods instead of using detergent so that he can conserve more, being that this is an everyday chore for him. Not only does Tide make Tony feel pleased and relieved, but it actually makes him fresh and clean.

He sure does look innocent but damn does this kid get philthy!

Here is Tony’s hand before work…Although I did say before…check out his middle finger real quick…It is HUGE because he dropped a transmission on his hand like a complete idiot Hahah wait until you see whats next!
IMG_1349 sooo damn dirty!
IMG_0885  Philthy hand…not sure why he looks so happy, lol!??
IMG_0813 Tony cracking a smile (check out the dimples) after he uses his special mixture of Gojo and Tide.

Post 6-Emotion- worried

Tide Mini To Go Keychain:

Have you ever had one of those days where you can’t seem to do anything right? I know that waking up in the morning and getting to your destination in one piece is frequently a struggle. Let’s just say you are a morning commuter who either drives to work or takes the bus. You wake up, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed make a cup of coffee and head out the door for your big interview. Now your on the way to work and cruising down the interstate, while taking a sip of your morning cup of Joe. All of the sudden you hit a pot hole and spill your scolding hot coffee all over your lap! OUCH!

Well instead of looking like you had a bad accident, being upset, embarrassed and uncertain about what you will do, do not panic because there is a solution to this dilemma. Just reach for your car keychain and grab the Tide To Go Mini instant stain remover.

Never worry about what you need to do in the brink of time, because with the Tide to go keychain, the mess will always lose the battle even when you are not near the laundry room. Attach the Tide keychain to your car keys, book bag or purse, so whenever that embarrassing time occurs, you will be equipped with the power of Tide Mini stain remover!

IMG_0881 attach the Tide mini keychain to your keys, backpack, purse or belt loop and never worry about a stain ruining your day again!